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Challenge Results, CreativFestival, Studio Closed Mar 11, New Texture Collections, Quilting Gloves for cheap!

posted Mar 4, 2017, 2:07 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi to all of you. I’ve taken a wee break after the breakneck pace of blog-writing prior to my big sale… but I’m back with lots of good news:-). Here goes....

The votes are tallied and the winners are…

It is always both happy and difficult to send out this news because, as always, every one of the Challenge 2017 quilts submitted deserves a prize. Every year I do a challenge I'm amazed at the creativity and the range of ideas that are expressed in the quilts submitted and this year was just the same! I know that all the women who came to the show and sale came away inspired by your fabulous quilts... and took away ideas that they will incorporate in some quilt of their own. So thank you so much for participating. I also know that some women were so impressed with the entries that they wouldn't vote; they couldn't pick their 3 favourites. But about 40 women did vote, and Irene, Susan and Maria helped me tally the results. This challenge asked participants to feature texture in a quilt.

1st Place... Leona Ewing... tie for 2, 3 Place -- Mary Shore and Ritva Tavela. Quilts shown in order here:

Challenge 2017 Leona Ewing.JPG  ​2-3 Place Mary Shore.jpg 2-3 Place Ritva Tavela.jpg

So Lee wins a gift certificate valued at $100, and I'm combining and splitting 2nd and 3rd prizes so Mary and Ritva each win a gift certificate valued at $40.

Thanks so much to all the participants for your lovely quilts and for making this Challenge such a success!

Quiltcon 2017 and Savannah were both great!

Here are the photos that I took in Savannah and at Quiltcon 2017. The show was a feast for our visual and aesthetic senses and there are many photos on Instagram already… but this is my collection of favourites.

Next up… CreativFestival in Victoria…  Note: My studio will be closed Saturday March 11...

Victoria 2for1.jpg

I’m bringing lots of lovely fabric, and some new notions for your sewing pleasure… Watch for:

microbrushes.jpg     Martelli blades.JPG  Ruler.jpg

Microbrushes -- the very best for removing lint from bobbin area and wherever it has migrated to -- $6.00

Individual 45mm blades at bulk 100 pricing -- $5.50 each instead of $8.00 each -- these Martelli blades are separated into plastic bags of three but you are welcome to take fewer -- just bring a container!

Straight line ruler work -- In my free-motion quilting, I like to be able to throw in some straight lines to separate areas of different quilting motifs… and I like to do that without having to switch to my walking foot. I found a perfect ruler, that comes in two lengths, but the price was Not perfect… $40 for the 8” long ruler and $56 for the 18” ruler.

So I’ve gone into manufacturing and now have an 18” x 2” x ¼” ruler backed with washable double sided tape that sells for $28… much better… now we can have our straight lines and eat cake too!

Here are links to a couple of good videos about ruler quilting…   and

Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting -- limited quantities but 20% off! -- available in Throw size to King size.

New “Texture Collections” in four neutral palettes. These 4 fabric assortments allow you to introduce texture variation into the neutrals in your next quilting project. Here’s a glimpse of what is coming:

Texture 1.JPG     Texture 2.JPG

Texture 3.jpg     Texture 4.jpg

A good tip from Susan… Susan has pointed out that now that gardening season is here, these gloves are available in six packs from Costco:

Costgo gloves.JPG

For a price of about $16 for 6 pairs, you can use these gloves in place of more expensive, specific-to-quilting, free-motion quilting gloves. At less than $3/pair, you can buy a pack and sell the extras to your friends!

Well now I am all written out and you are likely tired of reading… so that is it for this time. Please enjoy the photos of Quiltcon, gaining inspiration for a new project, and to those of you on the Island I look forward to seeing you soon.