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Clothing size cuts of fabric; Patterns for tunics, dresses, pants; New panels; An easier technique for burying quilting threads.

posted Nov 11, 2016, 6:02 PM by Lorna Shapiro   [ updated Dec 12, 2016, 1:57 PM ]

Hello there… I hope this finds you well. I’m in the final stages of preparing for the Love to Sew expo and getting excited about the show. As I look over the seminar schedule and the range of vendors who are coming, I think this is a show that will be a positive addition to the sewing scene in the lower mainland. There are a couple of new things that I’d like to tell you about in this newsletter… so here goes.

Clothing sized cuts of RK Essex linens and Peppered Cotton shot cottons! If you come to the show you’ll be able to see me in one of the brand new tunics that I’ve made from my fabrics after seeing one made by a friend who helps me with the business. Carol walked me through the assembly process of making a garment for the first time in almost 50 years and I’m so pleased with the result. She suggested we bring to this show some 3 M cuts of cotton/linens and shot cottons, large enough for making a great tunic or pair of pants. They are specially priced at $45… so come early and pick out your choice!

Patterns for those clothing bundles… New patterns, it turns out, are very cool because they come with multiple sizes from XS to XXL all in one bundle. So I’ve brought in some patterns that I think are particularly nice looking and suitable for a range of figures… Here are some photos…

Patterns 1.JPG

Patterns 2.JPG

Patterns 3.JPG

Patterns 4.JPG

My Open Schedule is changing… Several of you kindly responded to my inquiry about Studio Open times, and the merits of limited regular Open Days versus “by Appointment” days. In a nutshell, while most of you plan ahead if you are coming to my studio to shop for fabric, it feels like less of a commitment to buy if you walk in on an Open Day versus making an appointment to come. On the other hand, when you know you want to shop at my place, there is benefit in knowing you will have my full attention that comes if you make an appointment… instead of potentially having to share my time with three other customers. Both those things make sense to me… so I’ve decided to do some of both. Effective Saturday November 19, only Saturday’s will be regular Open Days (from 10AM to 5PM). At other times I’m happy to have you come by prior appointment… and the best way of making that appointment is just to email me at, or call me at 604-250-8698. We’ll try this for a while, and see how it works for everyone. Feel free to pass on your thoughts about this… decisions are always changeable.

A couple of new panels I haven’t mentioned… have come in and I wanted to remember to let you know about them. They are both Hoffman Digital prints… here they are:

The Dot Hexi Panel:

Dot hexi panel.jpg

I think I’m about to make my first hexi quilt :-)

And the Supernova Panel:

Supernova panel.jpg

They both have very interesting possibilities in creating a beautiful quilt top… and at this point I have only a few of each of them left. The hexi panel is about $22 and the supernova panel is close to 1.5M and is about $30.

A tip from Nancy on burying your threads when quilting… I was at the FVQG retreat and had just completed quilting a quilt in a design that left me with quite a few ends to be buried. I generally do this by using a darning needle. I first knot the two threads together, then feed them through the eye of the darning needle and then bury them into the middle of the quilt. Nancy introduced me to a faster way of doing the thread burying that did not entail threading the needle for each set of threads to be buried. So here is the video describing the technique… I’ve been using this technique ever since and really like it… it is indeed much faster.

That’s it for now… I hope you have a good month and to see lots of you at the show!