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Early August 2017 Post

posted Jul 29, 2017, 5:22 PM by Lorna Shapiro   [ updated Jul 19, 2018, 4:16 PM ]

Challenge 2017 is ready to go!

Hi to all of you. First of all I want to thank you for many emails of support that I’ve received this past few weeks. The quilting community is a true community in the best sense of that word. It’s been a gift to me from the start, and continues to be. Thank you all so much for being part of my community!

Secondly, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, I've just spent a few days assembling the kits for this year's challenge. Each year (I believe this is my "Fourth and possibly Annual" challenge) for the past few years I have had a challenge for my customers. Lately we've been starting this in the late summer/early fall and ending it with a "quilt show" at my home on the day of my winter sale. Everyone who comes to the winter sale gets to vote on their favourite quilts, and the winners are tabulated that night. Prizes are gift certificates of $100, $50, and $25.

This year's theme is Constraints and Creativity. In past years I've provided kits of about a M of fabric, various small pieces, and asked you to add whatever you like to make a quilt of some sort... last year we celebrated texture. This year:

  1. I am providing kits with all the fabric you are allowed to use for the top of the quilt. If you run out you are allowed to use a different fabric for the binding, but only if you have used all your fabric in your quilt top. I want to see what you can do with an interesting set of fabric that you cannot add to.

  2. The kits are 2'ish M of fabric. Therefore the quilts will tend to be smaller rather than larger.

  3. You get to choose your kit, but there are only 17 available and 2 of those have already been purchased.

  4. Total fee for entry is $30, which includes the 2+ M of fabric.

  5. Kit photos are included below with numbers. Kits are available for pickup or mailing now. Let me know by email your first three choices and so one of them is likely to still be available.

  6. The finished quilt is due in my studio by January 20 for a January 27, 2018 Winter Sale Day.

I find that some of my most successful quilts have been "fabric-driven" designs and I think that, for me, constraints often lead me to more creative designs... so I hope you will consider joining the fun and enter this challenge!

Oh, one more thing, the kits are soooooo beautiful! I’m very excited. Take a look…

                #1 SOLD                             #2 SOLD          #3 SOLD



               #4 SOLD                               #5   SOLD                        #6   SOLD           



            #7  SOLD                               #8  SOLD                         #9 SOLD


            #10   SOLD                             #11  SOLD                               #12 SOLD



           #13  SOLD                                #14   SOLD                        #15 SOLD                                           



 #16  SOLD                              #17    SOLD


One penultimate final note… I’ve just received a new line of tonal solids. These are by Stof Fabrics, printed in Japan. They are quite lovely…


And the final final note... I'm announcing my Fall Sale Day... Saturday September 23 10 - 5.

It will be a very good sale... get your projects lined up:-)

That’s all for now. I wish you all a wonderful August of warm summer days, fun activities, and good friends.