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February 2016 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 1:28 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Phew! That's a lot of "new's", but then spring is just around the corner (we can smell it already!) and with spring comes "new's"!

New Batiks... So my first of several expected shipments of new batiks from Hoffman, Avlyn, and Cantik have arrived and I think you'll find them absolutely lovely. Here's a photo of part of the shipment:


And if you follow this link, you'll find some more photos... The batiks these days are running about $16.95 due to the dollar.

New Quilt Inspiration photos... Some friends and customers have sent me photos lately of some of their work and I'd like you to enjoy them and get inspiration from these projects also. I've uploaded the photos to my Customer Quilts album... here's the link...

New Kimono Silk... I've been shopping again, and my selection of kimono silk right now is pretty darn nice. Here's a link to some photos of recent purchases:

New Dupioni... Irene and I went Dupioni shopping and stocked up so we could make some more Frame It kits. This is always a bit like digging for diamonds, but we managed to find some lovely pieces. Here are photos of a bunch of the new Dupioni cut into 1/2M cuts...  



New Rice Fields... Once again, because my friends know of my interest in Japan, I received a link to information about happenings in Japan. This time it was photos of "rice art" fields in Japan. Apparently the farmers have for several years now been planting rice fields with different colours of rice plants so that as the plants grow, a picture emerges. I wasn't sure if this was actually true when I first read about it, but after researching it and also having Hiroko check into it, I've determined that it seems to be real. One more reason for you to consider making a trip to Japan! Here's a link to the story...

New Kits... We have put together a set of new kits for the Frame It quilt, with a combination of Dupioni Silk (backing included in the kits so the Dupioni is easy to work with), Japanese fabrics and batiks. The quilt you'd be making is this design:

Frame It small size.JPG

The kits look like this and have a variety of feature fabrics and, of course, coordinating fabrics...


Everything you need to make the quilt top and binding is included in the kits. Here's a link to photos of the set of kits now available...

Schedule for February... Once again I find that three of my regular Saturday openings will have to be cancelled. I'm teaching for two of the weekends, and I'm attending Quiltcon in Pasadena for one of them (I promise to post photos as soon as I'm back... I've checked and cameras are allowed on the floor of the show). So for February, I'm open Saturday February 6, but otherwise just Mondays. Feel free to call and make an appointment if you need to shop at a different time. I do keep my calendar up to date on my website so you can always check there to see when I'm open.

Addition to my show schedule... I'm pleased to learn that the Central Alberta Quilt Show has room for me again this year, so April 1-2 I'll be in Red Deer as a vendor at that show. Also, I forgot to mention last time that I'll be a vendor again at the Mayne Island Summer Quilt Show July 16, 2016. It's a great day or weekend outing... hope you'll think about coming to see this quilt show in the park!

Finally... a link to more quilt show information... courtesy of a customer who thought you might find this a useful website. I didn't know of the website, and find it to be full of useful information about guilds, shows, shops etc.  Here's the link...

​​Sorry for the length of this... hope you are all getting lots of quilting done while the rain is here... it will be spring before we know it!