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January 2016 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 1:27 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi everyone and happy new year! May we all do what we can to create peace in our corner of the world... and hope it will spread.

Thanks to everyone who came out to my end-of-year sale. We all had many laughs and a number of good bargains were had... and Vic is happy that there are fewer corners in which I have goods squirreled away:-)

Lesson learned... passing it on:

I recently quilted this quilt:

Full quilt photo low res.JPG

This was made with a Moda line called Nocturne and I used one of those fabrics on the back. I didn't pre-wash any of the fabrics, as I rarely do. I sandwich big quilts on the floor and I noticed with this one that the masking tape keeping the back to the floor kept coming unstuck from the fabric as I was working to sandwich the quilt. This is unusual but I persevered. Having sandwiched the quilt I did some walking foot work to segment and stabilize the sandwich before going to free motion. I then did my free motion work on one quarter of the quilt. When I finished that I took it off the machine and found that the backing had shifted hugely, creating inch size puckers in the back. I won't bore you with what I said at that point:/). I then had to pick out huge sections of the quilting I had just done.

So what happened? Here's my theory. I believe that these fabrics were treated with some chemical, perhaps to avoid creases, and that chemical caused the 505 spray I use to fail in its job of adhering quilt fabric to batting. The front I could handle, because I could see it and keep the quilt top from shifting over the batting as I was working on it. But the back, where I could not see, shifted terribly. Once I was aware of the problem, I slowed down my quilting and tried to make sure I was moving all three layers as I worked. What I will do in future... to avoid this drama from unfolding in my studio again... is to pre-wash backing fabrics. If you have any experience with a problem like this, and your own solution for it, I'd be happy to hear from you and share the information.

Spring Show Schedule... Mark you Calendars... A customer and I were chatting and she mentioned that it would be useful to know now what shows are happening when over the spring. Here are the ones I know about. I will only be at one lower mainland show this spring because both the Langley and the Lions Gate guild shows conflict with shows on the Island. Here's the schedule as I know it. I will be at the ones in bold.

March 18-19,2016     Creative Stitches Show, Tradex, Abbotsford

May 6-8, 2016            Victoria Quilt Guild Show, Pearkes Recreation Centre

May 6-7, 2016            Langley Quilt Guild Show, George Preston Rec Centre

June 10-11, 2016       Nanaimo Quilt Guild Show, Nanaimo Curling Club

June 10-11, 2016        Lions Gate Guild Show, Capilano University

Sept 9-10, 2016          Creative Stitches Show, Edmonton

January Studio Open Schedule Changes... Turns out that in January I am taking a workshop on two Saturdays and teaching a workshop on two Saturdays, so I've decided that for January I will be open Sunday and Monday 10-5. I've marked these on my Studio Open Schedule on my website... here's the link:

New Kits... I have kits now available for the Nocturne quilt shown above, as well as for the yarn-dye quilt I showed you last month, and a large number of beautiful new quilt kits of 10 M vintage kimono silk. And I've actually updated the photos on my website... here's the link:

Proof of the PET Bottle Urban Legend... Some time ago, after my first trip to Japan, I told you of observing plastic bottles (which the Japanese call PET bottles, short for polyethylene terephthalate) surrounding planters in old residential areas in Kyoto. The young woman I was with explained that they served as a barrier to cats using the planters as litter boxes because cats were afraid of water in plastic bottles. I was incredulous, but she was firmly convinced that this was FACT! Some Google research later that day taught us that thisbis an urban legend in Japan, to which many Japanese still subscribe. Now some of you doubted my story and so last time I went to Japan I took this photo for a PE bottle cat barrier!

PET bottle cat barrier.jpg

Clearly no cat would dare to cross that barrier! I love the Japanese... such an interesting mix of modern and superstitious!

Have a great day... I'll be back to you in early February.