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July 2017 Update

posted Jul 18, 2017, 12:30 PM by Lorna Shapiro

It’s been a long while since I wrote with an update. Spring was very demanding on a personal front. Our daughter Kate was acting as a surrogate for friends who could not carry their own child and my mother who has lived a few moments away these past six years was dying of congestive heart failure. In early June, baby Jacob was born and mom died 6 days later, but not before holding him in her arms. This beautiful photo is a testament to the eternal cycle of life, and the resilience of a mother’s love…

Mom and baby Jacob 5.JPG

So as I pick myself up to resume the “new normal” of my life I am reminded of the story of the man taking a long journey in Africa, led by an African porter. The first day they travelled fast and far, taking only brief stops and then immediately carrying on again at full speed. The traveller, anxious to reach his destination, was very pleased with the progress they had made. But the next morning when he arose and prepared to depart, he was surprised to find his porter sitting in silent un-preparedness, showing no sign of being on a journey. Looking for an explanation, he asked about departure plans and was told “Yesterday we travelled too fast and too far… today I must let my soul catch up with my body.” I, too, am moving slowly at the moment in hopes that my soul will catch up with my body.

Here is news I have to share -- mostly from friends and customers -- a bit from me.

Want to make special Christmas Stockings?

A customer named Zoe comes from a tradition of Christmas stockings designed individually for the interests of the child. She has recently started a website to sell patterns for some of the whimsical designs she has developed for her own children and those of friends… like this one…


Here’s the scoop from Zoe…

We are Holiday Stitches! A new, local Vancouver company dedicated to creating fun and creative Holiday quilting tutorials. Please check out our two newest dinosaur-themed Christmas stockings. We plan to have four more tutorials available in the series before September so people can have time to craft before Christmas.

Etsy Shop:

You can also find us and all the latest news on Facebook:


Setting me right about the origins of Crazy Quilting…

Did you know that there is a link between Japan and crazy quilting? And did you know that the “crazy” in crazy quilting is not the “crazy” meaning looney? Well thanks to another customer, Pam, I learned both these things. She pointed me to a teacher of hers who’s website pointed me to this source information about crazy quilting…


The 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition was a big event in Victorian society. One of the most popular exhibits was the Japanese pavilion with its fascinating crazed ceramics and asymmetrical art.

The Birth of the Crazy Patchwork Quilting Craze

Women were eager to incorporate this new look into their quilts and with the help of popular women's magazines the making of crazy quilts became quite the rage. Creativity was wide open with women sewing asymmetrical pieces of fabric together in abstract arrangements…


A Beautiful New Quilt…

Full size whirligigs.jpg

This quilt was completed when I attended the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Retreat in late April and I’ve been wanting to show it to you. I learned one very useful lesson when quilting it. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to quilt it and was hesitating to start. My friend Shannon asked if there was one thing I knew about how I wanted to quilt it and I did… I knew I wanted the god’s eye echo’s in the centres of the circles. Start there, said Shannon. And I did. At each step, the next step became apparent. In the end it was quilted and I loved it!

It is, of course, a kit for those of you who like exactly this set of fabrics. The pattern I wrote is also available. I designed the inset “orange peels” to float (not come right to the corners of the block) on the background so that the piecing is forgiving of imprecision. It is a full twin bed size, 66” x85”. It’s about $175.

Watch for my next Quilt Challenge… coming next month…

Susan and Irene and I have started putting together new packages of fabric for my next quilt challenge. The theme is going to be something like… Neutrals and Pop… and the rules are going to be a bit different this time. I think this time you will only be able to use the colours that are provided in the kit… I’ll be looking for wall or table quilts of not too large a size. More on that in the month of August. Quilts will be due by late January in time for my big January sale.

And finally, mark your calendars… Quilt Canada is coming to Vancouver May 31 - June 2, 2018

Enjoy your month…