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July 2019 Check-in - Inspiration & Ideas, A clever tool, Working with curves, New stuff

posted Jul 3, 2019, 4:57 PM by Lorna Shapiro
Hi to all of you. Summer has arrived, and with it comes quieter days with opportunities for creative expression. During show season my mind is so business focussed that my creativity seems to go dormant. Sometimes I fear it might not return! But, just as soon as the dust settles after my last show of the season, sure enough... my creativity comes hopping and skipping out to play. It's such a relief to welcome her back. Do you also have times when you feel that you've lost touch with your creative spirit? 

Inspiration and Ideas

One of the things that helps me is that my wonderful customer friends will often pull out their phones and show me photos of some of their latest projects. These photos give my inspiration a kick-start. Today I want to show you a few of the photos I've collected over the past few months...

Leslie Jo's silk purses... made for a group of women friends... Leslie Jo's own design... I believe she mixed woven cottons with Dupioni silks... This idea could be incorporated into quilt blocks... or placemat designs... or pockets on a garment... so many opportunities.

Gladys's placemats... these were created to feature some Guatemalan fabric and she integrated a combination of shot cottons and batiks ... I love what happens when we mix a variety of types of fabric... and Gladys's focus on line makes such interesting results.

Tiina's vintage silk wall hanging... this very simple project resulted in such an elegant and interesting wall covering over the head of this bed. Tiina simply chose a couple of silks that coordinated nicely with each other and with her room, assembled them so that they could be hung, and there she was... This could also be done with textured fabric to which you've added your own stitching

So as not to overload you, I'll leave it at that for now. But I'll send some more photos in the coming months. If you have any photo's you'd like to share, please send them to me. 

A Clever Tool

I was speaking to a group of women in Victoria at the Creative Stitches show this past spring. We were discussing tools that we found most useful. One of the women in our group passed on this great idea for threading heavier threads through needles. Here's what she uses... This package of floss threaders can be found in your local drugstore in the tooth care section. Using one of them to guide your thread through the eye of the needle works very well for all kinds of thread. I am using these now for my embroidery thread because it is too thick to work well with my Clover needle-threader. I keep a package in my sewing bag and am so grateful that we share ideas!

Curved Piecing practice day...

Probably most of you know that I love curved piecing. I love inset circles, free-form curved piecing, inset orange peels, and now also the Quick Curve Ruler curve! Here are some examples... 



It's Curved Piecing Workshop time... Several of you have asked when I would be teaching these various curved piecing techniques and now that it is summer I've decided it is time. Thursday July 25, 10:00 to 4:00 -- 

Where -- 2726 W 38th Ave., Vancouver, V6N 2W9 -- my studio 

How to register -- Email me -- and then either etransfer the $30 fee or call me with your credit card number

Class size is limited to 8 people

What to bring --

Come with your sewing machines (or use one of mine), 

bring the scrap fabric you want to work with, and 

also any rulers you have that you might be wondering how to use. 

Also bring your lunch. 

I'm excited and I hope some of you are too! A summer school opportunity:-)

Finally, photos of some of the new fabric that's been arriving... 

                           Essex Linens                                                              New wovens



New embossed cottons...

So how cool are those???!!! 

Start planning what you might do with some of them because I've saved important news till the end...

Summer Sale Day here will be Saturday July 27, 10 - 5

As usual, everything in the studio will be on sale at least 20% off. More to come later...

That's it for now... enjoy the summer weather... 

Thanks for being part of my quilting community.