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June 29 2015 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 1:21 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi and happy summer to every one of you. I am just now completing my post show season customer promise list (said promises made during the last three shows of the season) and am about to start quilting again!!! Many of you take the summer off, and tend to gardens and family... but I haven't been quilting for the past 5 months and am feeling positively parched for lack of a creative outlet. Quilting here I come!

Summer Hours... Lest you be caught at my front door ringing a bell with no one answering, I want to make this the first item I mention. For July and August I'm open only Mondays (10 - 5) or by appointment. You're most welcome to call if you need to come by on another day, so don't hesitate to call me if Monday doesn't work for you. It's summer. I'm flexible:-)

The 3rd, and Possibly Annual, Quilt Challenge is starting up... roll of drums... Irene and I have been busy creating interesting and very beautiful fabric bundles for this summer/fall's challenge. Here's how it works:

  1. You go to this web album and choose a fabric bundle that you would like to work with...    The bundles are numbered Combo #1 to #43. Each contains approximately 2M of fabric in total, often a mix of printed cottons & batik and sometimes with kimono silk or Dupioni silk thrown in for good measure. Each bundle will sell for $25 plus tax and includes your entry fee to the challenge as well as those beautiful fabric ends.

  2. Choose your top 3 preferred bundles and email me. As a bundle is spoken for, I'll mark it like this "Combo #1 - Sold" and I'll let you know which one you got.

  3. In towner's come and pick it up, out-of-towners get mail service from my husband but have to add postage.

  4. Quilt challenge has two categories... people quilts (throws, bed quilts) and table/wall quilts. There are no size rules...

  5. Each quilt submitted must have:

    1. Three and only three (this being the 3rd and possibly annual challenge) of any shape you choose to declare (equilateral triangles, circles, half-circles, squares...)

    2. At least one occurrence on the quilt top of each of the fabrics in the fabric bundle.

    3. A declared category of people quilt or non-people quilt

    4. A safety pin with a scrap of each of the original fabric pieces in the bundle.

  6. Quilts are to be at my studio by Thursday October 22, 2015.

  7. All quilts will be displayed around my home on Saturday October 24, 2015... the date of the Fall Sale. Those attending will get to vote for their choice in each of the two categories. Winners will be announced Sunday October 25 and will win $100 gift certificate to my studio/store for 1st place and $50 gift certificates for the runners up - in both categories.

  8. This year I'm trying having only people who see the quilts in person actually vote... it is hard to get photos that do justice to your work. Everyone who shows up on Saturday October 24th wil get to vote.

In both my previous challenges, the quilts were amazing so my hope is we'll have another fun round of seeing just what can come out of your head and your hands, inspired by a bit of left over fabric!

Summer Sale... Saturday July 25th, 10 - 5 is the Christmas in July sale at my studio. All fabrics are at least 15% off. Silk and wool batting is 20% off... Kits are a further 10% off the show special pricing... Books are 15% off. Companionship and stories are free, as is laughter!

New Stories... I have a new story and a video for you.

FIFA women's world cup soccer is on, as you all know. Vic, Naoko and I were watching the Japan vs. Netherlands game one evening. At one point, a Japanese player kicked the ball to another Japanese player in front of the net but the kick was ruled offside (only because it was:/)). Play was stopped and the ball handed over to the Netherlands team. The camera panned to the Japanese coach who winced noticeably  He's angry, said Naoko. Oh, I queried, was that anger? Yes! she said... he's very angry. I pointed out that that is definitely not the way western coaches do anger, and that it was a good thing she was there to interpret for me or I might have missed it:-).

My sister sent me this link to a YouTube video about the cleaners attending to the Shinkansen (bullet train) at Tokyo station. I hope you enjoy this short video as much as I did...

New Fabrics...

New batiks, Japanese cottons and vintage silks have arrived in the past month. Of note are:

PFD batik, white, for $11.95/M,

new Daiwabo Serenity line that you can check out here...

new line of textured solids and some prints direct from a Japanese manufacturer... $16.95/M

Hokkoh dragons with red solid.JPG  Hokkoh grey with blue solid.JPG  

Hokkoh white with red solid.JPG  

new batiks from Hoffman, Moda and Avlyn... photos to follow.

Finally, a couple of items I wanted to tell you about. I'm now carrying Breezy colour catchers so that if you can't get to the States to buyShout colour catchers you have an alternative. You will use one sheet in the washer and it catches any dye that is released when your quilt is washed for the first time. They are $10 a box.

And finally, many of you have used Presto Sheer, the light weight cotton fusible that stops Dupioni from fraying. I was told by a customer that it is also great to use it to back white cottons if you are appliqueing white over a dark fabric... it makes the white fabric opaque so the dark colours underneath don't show through!

More details on some of the new fabric lines will follow in a couple of weeks. Have a great summer!