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Last Call for Challenge 2016 entrants, "Big Sale" details, Love to Sew Expo in November, Christmas gift idea, More on design, A wee bit on Japan

posted Sep 27, 2016, 6:07 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi there everyone… Hope you are out enjoying this lovely sunny fall day. I know the Blue Mountain quilters are retreating at this moment, and I’m looking forward to my upcoming retreat with the FVQG. Fall seems to bring me lots of energy for new quilting projects and I see this happening with many of my quilting friends. I have a few things to update you with…

Last Call for Challenge 2016 Entrants… I now have only 10 entrants in this year’s challenge and would like to encourage some others of you to join the fun before it is too late! This year’s challenge is all about exploring and celebrating texture in our quilts, and doing so on a small scale project. I’ve made up a bunch of lovely kits each with a range of fabric types. Your job is to use at least some of all the fabrics, add whatever you’d like, and make a small scale quilt… a small lap quilt, a table runner, a wall hanging, whatever you’d like. The fee, including kit which is about 1.5 M of fabric, is $20. The rest goes like this…

  1. You will have until Saturday January 7, 2017 to complete your quilt and deliver same to my studio. You must use some of all the fabrics provided in your package, and may add whatever other fabrics or materials you wish.

  2. Saturday January 14, 2017 10 - 5 -- Quilt viewing and voting, and New Year’s Sale Day from 10-5 at my studio.

  3. Wonderful prizes will be gift certificates of 1st place -- $100, 2nd place -- $50, 3rd place -- $25.

  4. Winners will be announced Sunday January 15.

Here are the photos of the kits not yet spoken for. Those of you who have told me you are participating, please let me know if you have some favourites from this lot. I can make more if there is call for them. I’ll be in touch to get them out to you. Others who would like to participate, please let me know ASAP. Kits can also be picked up at my sale day this Saturday. I’d like to make this a fun challenge, that generates lots of good creative ideas for all of us!







Last Sale of the Year -- This Saturday 10 - 5…

I am looking forward to seeing lots of you this Saturday. I’ve decided to make this sale easy on all of us…

All regular priced product (fabric, notions, kits, silk & wool batting)

is 20% off!!!

Come and start a new project or get the finishing items for an existing one…

Have fun, help others select fabric, share what you know…

The regular crew will be here to assist you :-)

Christmas Gift Idea for you or your family… Christmas is coming and I wanted this year to remind you all that I have very nice gift certificates that can be made out in any value. If you’d like to suggest to your husband that you’d like some guilt-free shopping for Christmas, have him get in touch with me and I bet we can make that happen! Of if you have a friend who you’d like to treat, give me a call.

Your tip of the month… A couple of months ago I wrote about the emotional roller-coaster that the design process can entail. One thing I’ve truly come to understand is that my ability to design gets better with every quilt. Since I learn a certain amount each time, the more times I design something, the more I learn. That means I no longer aim for the perfect design that takes me months to create. Instead, I’d rather create 4 things in those months and learn 4 times as much.

But getting the starting inspiration for those designs is sometimes a challenge for me. I’ve started monitoring a Facebook page called QDAD (Quilt Design a Day), which is a virtual community of quilters who post challenges to each other and do designs resulting from those challenges. The premise of this group is that the more frequently we exercise our “design muscles”, the stronger those design muscles become.  I believe that to be true.

The other website that this group uses is one that provides daily photographs and colour palettes for inspiration. This website is and here is an image from that website to show you what you will find there every day… it is sooooo much fun!


Each day there are one or two more photos and colour palettes, and they are stored and available so you can browse whenever you want some colour or photo-inspiration… I’d love to know if you find this as useful as I do. Drop me an email once you’ve explored a bit.

My contribution to your photo inspirations… and a bit of Japan, all at the same time. Here is a photo of the Golden Temple. You may remember that some time ago I told you of my experience learning about the origins of the Golden Temple from a supposedly English speaking tour guide on my first trip to Japan. She explained a bit of the history of the temple, specifically of it being burned to the ground at one point--

A group of monks lived in and cared for the temple. At one point, she explained, “young monk was scolded by senior monk. He became unhappys (and so he burned the place to the ground -- can’t remember exactly how she said this). He was feeling difficulty adjusting himself to the life as a monk.”

Upon hearing this description of events, Chisato (with whom I was travelling) and I had a little english lesson on the meaning of the work “understatement”. I think that had a similar event occurred in North America, tour guides be describing it with a bit more drama!

Here are a couple of photos for you… try these palettes...

Golden temple.jpg   and


Upcoming New Sewing Show… There is a new sewing show that is coming up November 18-19 at the Cloverdale Agriplex. It promises to have some new vendors and good seminars, which are included in the admission price. I will be there and hope you will think of coming out with some crafty friends. Here’s the link to the website with information…

OK… that’s it for now. I look forward to hearing from some additional Challenge participants, and to seeing some of you on Saturday. Take care and be well!