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March 2016 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 1:29 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Happy March! Our younger daughter is in sunny Maui; we're in rainy Vancouver with three very busy (OK, they are also fun!) grandkids! Such is the way of the world:/). I've had lots of help lately, and we've been busy, cutting fabric for upcoming shows. So I hope you're busy quilting and using up some of your fabric so you'll have room for what we've cut...

Quiltcon 2016 Photos... I've had several people ask me what Quiltcon is. It is a relatively new show that as of this year is a yearly event. Put on by the Modern Quilt Guild association, it is a 4-day international show of modern quilts and conference of workshops and lectures. I attended with a friend as it was in Pasadena this year. There were far more quilts in the show than I took photos of, but here is the link to my album of photos from the show. Quiltcon 2016. Hope you enjoy them and that something catches your fancy for an upcoming project!

Northcott Modern Mini Challenge... At Quiltcon, Northcott (which is a Canadian company) had a large booth focusing on their solids line of fabrics. They were also introducing a Challenge... they provide free packages of five 5" squares of a purple solid and those who want to enter towin free Northcott fabrics will create a 30" x 30" quilt using those five squares and selected other Northcott solids to create a mini quilt. The photo is sent to Northcott by May 1 and voting progresses from there. I brought home 50 of the free entry packages of 5" squares. I've also received a shipment of the selected other Northcott solids that you can use to make your quilt. If you'd like to enter, please email me and tell me how you'd like to get your package of 5" squares. I'd love to see one of you win this challenge which will be North America-wide. Here's the link to the Northcott page which tells you all about the Challenge.

New Fabrics... My friends who are helping with the cutting for the shows are realizing that every day is Christmas at this house, as shipments both large and small seem to arrive continuously. I can't remember for sure all that has come since early February, but for sure a bunch more of the Marcia Derse Pallette line of rich tonal solids...

Marcia Derse Pallette collection subset 2

Not the ones above, but a dozen others have arrived since I took the original photos... Also a bunch of new Kona Bay traditional Asian fabrics just arrived, the Soaring line... here's a couple of photos...

SOAR-01-BLACK.jpg       SOAR-02-BLACK.jpg   SOAR-03-BLACK.jpg   SOAR-06-BLACK.jpg

and a bunch of new kimono silks as well.

Customer Quilt photos... Some lovely new quilts have been added to my Customer Quilts web album. At this point I should explain that all my web albums have had to change from Picassa to Google photos, as Google is dropping support of Picassa. So I've transitioned all the links in my website, I believe. But if you find any dead links please let me know that I missed one and I'll fix it up. (I'd sooooooooooo rather be quilting!). Here's the link to the new album... Customer Quilts

Abbotsford Creative Stitches Show March 18-19... I'll be giving a couple of one hour talks each day. "I want to start designing my own quilts!" and "On beyond printed cotton -- yarn dyes and silks in quilts". So if you are coming to the show, please visit me at these talks or at the booth.I'm attaching a 2 for 1 coupon for entry to the show. Also, the first 10 people making purchases in my booth each morning who tell me they read this in my newsletter get a free 1M batik or Asian fabric of their choice.

Spring Sale... Save the Date... It's getting to be about time for another sale day, so I've started planning. Hold the date... Saturday April 23 10 - 5.

Saturdays in March and April... It turns out that Susan, who you may have met here at my sale days, is able to help me by keeping my studio open even on the days that I am away at shows. How nice is that????!!!!! So... as a consequence.... my studio is open every Saturday and Monday in March and April :-)

Grandkid photos too good not to share... so next month we'll be back to Japan stories... It was raining and I was stuck trying to figure out what to do with three wee grandkids last Sunday. So we decided on a walk to the local bakery. A good destination is always a good motivation technique I find. So armed with every umbrella we could find, we took off. Me trying to ride herd on 7 and 4 year old girls (not too hard) and one 2 1/2 year old boy (somewhat harder). Here was what I came upon after catching up with the girls who had run ahead while I was getting the 2 year old off the street.


If I ever overcome my lack of interest in creating picture quilts, this will be my first one... so hands off all you picture quilters!

But then the little guy wanted to be part of the fun, so the next time the girls assumed the position, Levi jumped right in! Note the princess umbrella courtesy of older sisters.


He was delighted to be part of it even if he had no idea what "being part of it" really meant!

Enjoy your spring as soon as the rain stops, and your quilting of course:-)