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May 8 2015 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 12:42 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi everyone... summer is here, it would appear, and the weather is great for coming out to the Boundary Bay Quilters' Guild show.

Shugei Zakka...

By devious means I have managed to import some more of those wee charms for sewing projects, the likes of which I hand carried home from my last Japan trip... and which were instantly sold out... I purchased some of the old ones and some new ones and they are with me at the show for prices ranging from $1.75 to $2.50. Here's the photos, and I've also packaged up 4 goen coins for $1.75...

IMG_2514.JPGFullSizeRender.jpg  IMG_2512.JPG

                 $1.75 for 4                   $2.50 ea             $1.75 ea                            

New Stof Fabrics line... Kyoto... perfect for the Yoko Saito lovers! Stof is a Danish manufacturer which manufactures in partnership with a Japanese company and their fabrics have a double hit of attention to detail and quality as both cultures are known for these attributes in their products. I've just received a complete new line from Stof, called Kyoto, and it fits perfectly with the Lecien Yoko Saito designs. Here's a link to the Stof website... type Kyoto in the product search and you'll see the fabrics.

New Northcott Panel I nearly missed! I've just received three bolts of a fabulous new Northcott panel, and many of the companion fabrics... Here's the panel... Boy, when they get it right, they sure get it right!!!!

Mandolin panel.jpg

Japanese kids and cell phones... So I've already told you about how very young Japanese children travel the train and bus system to and from school, unaccompanied with the full expectation that they will be safe. This was a surprise to me when I saw two young boys, about 7 years old, clowning around as they walked down a busy Tokyo sidewalk about 8 AM on their way to school... completely on their own. This past trip I encountered other youngsters on the trains and subways, heading to or from school in small groups. With one such group, Hiroko, who was travelling with me, pointed out the cellphones they carried on tethers around their necks... Here's a photo...

kids cellphones japan.jpg

Hiroko wanted me to see these because they are made especially for young children in Japan. They have only about 5 phone numbers they can call... typically parents' work numbers, grandparents' numbers, and sometimes one or two friends. They also have the ability to program what numbers can be called during what times of day (so friends can only be called for an hour out of the day, for instance). I thought this was very clever and wished our grandchildren had an option of a cellphone that was similarly manageable by parents. And you will notice that the girls' phones were pink:-)

Hope to see those of you in the vicinity of Vancouver at the show this weekend... And a Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers on this distribution list:-)