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October 9 2015 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 1:23 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi everyone...

With the leaves falling I'll bet you are all excited to know that the 2015 Challenge is approaching THE UNVEILING DAY -- ta dummmm... For all you participants, quilts are due at my place by Thursday October 22... prepared for hanging please... with snippets of your challenge fabrics and an artist's statement. Challene Quilt Viewing & Voting and Sale Day (my stuff, not the quilts) is Saturday October 24 - 10 to 5... Books are 25% off, Batting is 20% off, Fabrics are 15% off, and other stuff is off too I just haven't figured it all out. It's just fine if you don't want to shop; come an experience the wonderful quilts... and vote for your favourites... and visit with us. We are celebrating fall.

I have finished two new quilts to show you. They are on their way to becoming kits, and hopefully will be by sale day. They are called Serenity:


and Close of Day:

Close of Day.jpg

I also have a bunch of new vintage kimono silks (I know that's an oxymoron, but they are new to me). Here's the link:

And I've uploaded photos from some of the Spring 2015 Quilt Shows...

Weird Hours:  I'm closed Saturday October 10, 2015 as I'm teaching for the Boundary Bay Quilt Guild. However I'm open Thanksgiving Monday October 12 from 10 - 5.

Design Technique Idea from Tracy... Tracy wanted to make a Kitty Pippen-inspired equilateral triangle based quilt similar to this one of mine...

I Knew Geometry Would Come in Handy One Day!.JPG

and she was finding the drawing of the design to be tedious as she kept having to erase lines as she decided to place something differently. So instead she had the brilliant idea of making scale paper cutouts of the different shapes and rearranging them on her paper, rather than drawing and redrawing the shapes.  She said it was just like she used to do when she was a teacher and she was working out the classroom layout each fall. Try it... it's a great idea.

Rick Mercer Rant... in case you've missed it...

Voting Day in Japan... is ALWAYS on a weekend. Why? Because working days are for working... duh! Forget that stuff about legislated time off to vote... totally unnecessary.

Please Vote... it's important...