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Post 3 of Countdown to Sale Day

posted Jan 24, 2017, 3:12 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Post 3 of

Countdown to my Biggest Sale of the Year

Saturday February 11, 10 AM to 5 PM

We are now 17 Sleeps Away from my biggest sale of the year. The studio is getting nicely organized awaiting delivery of a 7 carton shipment from Japan and a 30+ bolt shipment of Shot Cottons, the Peppered Cotton line by Pepper Cory… including some 108” wides for quilt backs!

Today’s post contains --

Straight line ruler work on domestic machines,

More about needles, and

A new Moda line by Janet Clare!

Straight line ruler work -- In my free-motion quilting, I like to be able to throw in some straight lines to separate areas of different quilting motifs… and I like to do that without having to switch to my walking foot. I found a perfect ruler, that comes in two lengths, but the price was Not perfect… $40 for the 8” long ruler and $56 for the 18” ruler.

So I’ve gone into manufacturing and now have an 18” x 2” x ¼” ruler backed with washable double sided tape that sells for $28… much better… now we can have our straight lines and eat cake too!


Here are links to a couple of good videos about ruler quilting…   and

More about needles… My last blog post about needles was well timed to just precede Clover and Organ going into a needle-making partnership and introducing needles that don’t conform to the otherwise standard characteristics of needle types created by Schmetz! So this is a WATCH OUT notice… If you are buying these new Clover/Organ needles, they’ve changed the characteristics of their needle types as follows:

While Schmetz’s Denim needle has a modified medium ball point and reinforced blade, the Clover/Organ Denim needle has a very sharp, acute point with a slender eye and a strong shaft.

While Schmetz’s Topstitch needle has a very sharp point,elongated eye, and deeper groove, the Clover/Organ Topstitch needle has an extra large eye and a much deeper groove but a slightly rounded point.

Bottom line -- know both your needle type and the needle manufacturer’s specs for that needle type -- you want a sharp point for both piecing and quilting most tight cottons and silks, and you want a needle hole big enough for your thread slide through as described last post.

Darn! It was easier when they were all using the same specs for the different needle types!

A new Moda line by Janet Clare… Oh my goodness they are beautiful:-)

Janet Clare 1 - 2017.JPG

Janet Clare 2 - 2017.JPG

And the price is $19.95/M, which from Blog Post 1 in the Countdown to the Sale series… you know equates to $13.45/Yd USD. The series includes some neutral Grunge cottons… so I finally let some into my studio! And for the sale this series will be 20% off, so $15.96/M or $10.74/Yd USD.

That’s it for now… Happy Quilting… I look forward to seeing you out and about!