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Post 4 of Countdown to Sale Day

posted Feb 1, 2017, 2:57 PM by Lorna Shapiro   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 5:44 PM ]

Post 4 of

Countdown to my Biggest Sale of the Year

Saturday February 11, 10 AM to 5 PM

We are now 10 Sleeps Away from my biggest sale of the year. I’ve received this from Japan:


That would be 7 cartons of fabric, including a new line of solids with physical texture… they are amazing! I’ve also received the Cory Pepper full line of shot cottons… and here they are:




The 42 shot cottons are $15.95 Cdn/M, which today is less than $10.75 US/Yd. These will be 20% off on the sale day, so down to $12.76 Cdn/M or $8.60 US/Yd! If you have a project that you’ve been wanting to do with shot cottons, now is the time. Or you can use these fabulous shot cottons to make this great tunic or top:

Patterns 5.jpg  Patterns 2.JPG

I also have three 108” wide backings, in greys and brown, which are $29 Cdn/M or $19.50 US/Yd… also to be on sale 20% off.

Rotary Blades on sale… I’ve decided to stock 45mm Martelli rotary blades in bulk. These fit all the common 45mm rotary cutters (olfa, clover, etc) and I’ll be selling them for $5.50/blade regularly, and they will be $4.40/blade on sale day. These are great quality blades than I can sell for less than ⅔ the price of carded, packaged blades. Bring your own case if you can, or I’ll wrap them in a plastic bag for you.

My lesson for today… how to turn half-square triangles into quarter-square triangles… I’ve just finished creating this quilt:

Diamonds and Rust full.jpg

And because it is very pretty I’ve written a pattern for it. Writing this pattern necessitated me explaining how to turn half-square triangles into quarter-square triangles. There are three places in this quilt where the block is not two half-square triangles, but instead is one half-square triangle and two quarter-square triangles. The finished block size is 6” square, so if I were cutting quarter-square triangles from scratch I would add 1 ¼” to that number, learning that I need to cut 7.25” squares and then cut them into 4 by cutting the two diagonals. But because the quilt is dominantly half-square triangles, I want to just cut them (by adding ⅞” to 6”) starting with 6 ⅞” squares and cutting them into two triangles along one of the diagonals.

So then I need to cut one of the half-square triangles into a quarter-square triangle… which can’t be done by cutting it in half because then I don’t have enough for the extra seam allowance. So here’s what I do:

I position this right angle triangle over one of the half-square triangles so that the long side (where the black line is drawn) measures 7 ¼”. If you are using a quarter-square triangle ruler as the above is, this point in the ruler will be the 6” finished block line. Then I cut along the right hand side of this ruler, creating a right angle with the third side of the triangle. It looks like this…


And the triangle you’ve just cut is exactly the right size to sew into a block that will finish at 6”!

That’s it for now… count those sleeps, mark your calendars… February 11 is the SALE DAY!