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July 10 2016 Blog Post - Summer Hours, New Fabric, Happy Knees, Ice-Cream Social and Sale, a Japan Mystery

posted Jul 10, 2016, 5:24 PM by Lorna Shapiro   [ updated Jul 10, 2016, 5:25 PM ]

Happy Summertime to you all! Vic and I are on Saltspring with kids and grandkids for a week, while my sister from Ottawa tends to mom in Vancouver. It is so lovely to be able to have long lazy days and be entertained by three cheery grandkids who think Saltspring is about as good as it gets! Blackberry and local plum picking today after a trip to the beach.


Summer Hours… As summer hits, I find that many of us are busy with family activities and so we are doing less quilting. That means less shopping, and so I’ve come to the practice of changing to only Monday 10:00 to 5:00 regular open days for July and August. Even if I’m out of town myself, I will be open as scheduled with the help of some of my friends who are able to mind the store in my absence. So you can count on the Monday opening for these two months, and if you’d like to come by at another time, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your visit on another day.

New Batik Shipment… About 85 new bolts of mostly Hoffman batiks arrived last week and 84 of them are gorgeous. I made one mistake:-). So if you’ve been wanting to start a new project, you’ll have lots of new choices to struggle with… and that’s a happy problem to have. Here are a few photos of some of the new fabrics.











So, as you can see, there is a pretty delicious set of new choices for your quilting fun!

Knee Pad Heaven… I’m not sure how or where most of you sandwich your quilts. The only space I have that is big enough for sandwiching most of my quilts is the kitchen floor. So I vacuum the floor and tape the backing of the quilt to the floor, then lay out the batting and get down on my knees to crawl around attaching the backing to the batting with spray basting. Once that’s done I do the same process attaching the top to the batting. This is really the only part of quilting that I’ve disliked. I wear a face mask, open all the doors, but my knees have up until now had no protection. Then my friend Susan told me that she had found some knee pads in a liquidator store on Kingsway, and she brought me some. Here’s what they look like:


And when I put them on my knees prior to crawling around on the floor, I couldn’t believe the difference these $15 knee pads made to the whole process. My knees did not hurt at all! So if you are close to a place where you can get some, and if you are also someone who sandwiches quilts on the floor, you might want to try some of these yourself. Big thank you to Susan!

Summer Ice Cream Social Sale! Saturday July 30, 10:00 to 5:00… It’s time to celebrate summer with you, and to make still more room to accommodate the new bolts of fabric that right now are standing around on the floor of the studio.  Everything, including kits, will be 15% off… and you can have an ice cream cone to boot! Come by for a visit, a little shopping, and some ice cream…

A wee Japan mystery for you… So I was walking along an old street in Kyoto when I came across this… and before you go to the next page, try to figure out what this might be. As a hint, once I started noticing them, I saw them every few blocks.


So, did you guess? Fortunately I was with Naoko and Hiroko who were able to explain the purpose of this odd item. Turns out it is a plastic mesh sheet, all wrapped up and stowed. It is put there by the local neighbourhood community association. On garbage pickup day, garbage is put out in large plastic bags at pre-set pickup locations. The birds tend to get into the bags, rip them open and spread the garbage around the street. But streets in Japan are remarkably clear of debris all the time, so garbage spread about would not be the Japan way of doing things. These plastic mesh sheets are wrapped around the growing pile of garbage by the local citizens as they deposit their bags for pickup. They prevent birds from being able to rip into the bags and make a garbage-y mess on the street. The garbage pickup people then re-stow the plastic mesh for tidy safekeeping until the next garbage pickup day. There you go… another little-known bit of information about Japan!

That’s it for now… I hope your July days are sun-filled and happy, and that I’ll see some of you on Saturday July 30 for ice-cream, a visit, and some help with my too-stocked shelves!