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Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Show, Edmonton Creative Stitches Show, New Dupioni, New Moda line from Japan, The creative process, Graduates from marriage!

posted Aug 15, 2016, 1:09 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi to all of you! I can’t believe it is the middle of August already… the summer has flown by. But I’ve been busy quilting and that is a happy thing! This week the women who help me with cutting fabric for shows are coming over to start the preparations for the Edmonton Creative Stitches show, September 9 and 10. So if you are an Alberta quilter, I hope to be seeing you at the show.

For all you Lower Mainland quilters, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is having its first ever quilt show. The show is Saturday August 27, noon to 8PM, and Sunday August 28, 10 to 6. Here’s the link to the Facebook public page about the event…

New Dupioni’s… I’m happy to say that new fabric continues to find its way to my studio. In the last month I’ve received some lovely new Dupioni silks and here is a photo…

New Dupioni's.JPG

These ones are particularly rich and sumptuous, and are waiting for someone to make them into a stunning quilt.

Also new is another Moda line from Japan… this line is by the same woman who did the Nocturne line in indigo and cream. This line extends into Aqua, my absolute favourite colour in the world. Check this out…

New Moda line.jpg

I’ve put together a new quilt and kit using the Kyoto design that I developed last fall at the FVQG retreat. Interestingly, I think I like this version of the quilt even more than the original because the colours have so much life. Here’s a photo…

Kyoto Revisited II.jpg

I’ve been thinking this summer about the creative process and how I experience it. My goal is to try to spend more time enjoying the process, and less time being anxious about the outcome. Partly I find that just paying attention to how I’m feeling while I’m in the midst of creating a new design helps me to recognize when “fear of failure” is creeping into my emotions… and then I can consciously let that go.

Dianne R. in the VMQG posted a link to this 20 second talk by Ira Glass about creativity and I found this helpful… maybe you will too…  The other observation I wanted to pass on was articulated by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe in a lecture she gave at Quiltcon 2016. She described what she has come to recognize as the series of emotions she moves through as she progresses from initial concept to finished work. They coincide with my personal experience of the creative process and so I thought I’d pass them on. She starts with the emotion:

“This is great!”... then to

“This is impossible!”... then to

“This is awful!”... then to

“I am awful!”... then to

“This might work!”... then to

“This is going to work!”... then finally to

“This is great!!!!”.

And here again, just knowing when I start to feel … this might not work… that I am in the midst of the normal creative process and not at a final destination… helps me keep going and not give up. And creates so much opportunity for enjoyment!

Your Japan story of the week (well, actually, the month!)...

Vic passed this on to me. He came across it whilst researching something in the Japanese papers online. It describes a cultural phenomenon that is developing in Japan largely, we suspect, as a result of the often untenable position that women find themselves in during their young adulthood through to mid-life. Their jobs demand inordinate amounts of work time per week; they are expected to care for their husband’s parents; they are expected to do all the child care and domestic work at home. Finally, they retire, their children leave home, and they are ready to experience some personal satisfaction in their own lives… so here’s what happens…

People are endlessly intriguing… no two ways about it!

Have a great month. I’ll write again after the shows in September. I’m thinking I might start another challenge in late September… so watch for news.

Enjoy this last month of warm weather and sunshine!