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We're down to 3 more sleeps. Too early to start sleeping in your car!

posted Jul 24, 2019, 11:00 AM by Lorna Shapiro
Hi everyone...

Today is a good day to sort out your next project, gather the fabric or pattern that you want to use, and sort out what you might need to make it extra special... and hopefully at my sale we will be able to help with ideas! There are some lovely new materials that have arrived lately that I wanted you to know about.

I just finished making my first fully batik quilt in a while and was reminded just how great batik fabric is to work with, and how well we can blend colours and values with batiks. I've filled in a few missing areas in my batiks, adding a bunch of blues and a number of lights. Here's one photo of the lights that came here yesterday.

I've also filled in the missing sets of Presencia perle cottons because I'm starting to want to add a bit of handwork to my quilts. It adds just a bit more interest and I also find that the handwork is very calming, and gives me something to do while watching TV at night (besides eating nuts!). Here's what I did on Salt Spring Island... it's just a beginning of learning what I might do to add some handwork, but that seems to be where I have to start!

And here are the different sets of Presencia that I now have in stock... sets are $25 regular and individual balls are $5. And at the sale they are 20% off.

Tomorrow I have 8 women coming to get comfortable with curved piecing, so that will be a good day for all of us.

Friday we set up for the sale... Saturday we party! Hope you can join us.