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Where did the month go? Uschi Greiner sew days, Playing with new palettes, Some new thimble-like tools.

posted Aug 24, 2019, 4:33 PM by Lorna Shapiro
Hello to all of you and I hope your summer is continuing to be a joyful one. 

I'm just back from a family reunion held on Salt Spring. We are just three generations since mom died two years ago, and we decided reunions were necessary to keep in touch. It was so much fun to see our kids sharing their lives with cousins they rarely see, and our grandkids playing with my siblings' grandkids... amazed at how much family they actually have. Here are a couple of photos I'd like to share... they say more than I can with words.


I know that many of you are enjoying similar get-togethers, in different settings, over the summer months. We are so fortunate to have these experiences to add to our memory banks!

But... to quilting... the purpose of this blog!

You've perhaps heard that I have a new found passion for using hand stitching to add yet another type of texture to my quilts. This is one of those situations in which my enthusiasm far outstrips my abilities! So, as is my way, I've decided to do something to correct that. I got in touch with Uschi Greiner who has been holding hand-stitching days at various quilt shops in the lower mainland. She's offered to hold monthly classes at my studio and I'm VERY excited about it. Here's the link to the write-up about the sessions.  

For those of you who want the executive summary, here it is....

Starts October 2019

Evening session - 1st Wednesday of the month 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm


Day session - 1st Thursday of the month 10:00 AM to 3:00 pm

The purpose of these monthly drop-in sessions will be to allow participants to find their own voice in hand-stitched enhancement of fabric and to develop techniques to express that voice. The resulting fabric may go into a quilt, a decorative item, or a piece of clothing, it could even be a finished quilt you choose to work on… but it will carry your aesthetic and your voice. Uschi will provide:

·       Inspiration regarding possible projects

·       Instruction regarding threads, tools, and techniques

·       Guidance and support for your individual projects.

If you want to join us, please register by emailing me at The sessions will be a maximum of 12, and there are now 10 spots left in the day session and 11 spots left in the evening session.

So how exciting is that???!!!!! I'm so keen to get started.

Playing with a new palette...

My go-to palettes are all cool, calm colours rather than warm, vibrant colours. Not that I don't like the latter. It's just that somehow when I'm starting a quilt, my hands just head for the cool rather than the warm. Looking at my booth at a show last season, I decided that I really had to step out of my comfort zone. A n d   I  d i d!

Here's what I just finished...

I call it Sedona Sunset and I've just finished quilting it (after this photo was taken) and am now working on some simple hand work to finish it up. It's an easy peasy split nine-patch, but I was quite pleased with it.

Thimble stuff...

The main distributor that I work with is a company called Checker in the US. They have a fabulous level of service and they carry an amazing selection of quality fabrics and tools. Recently I discovered that they also have a series of educational videos, short videos with information about the correct use of tools and about new tools available. One of the problems I've encountered with my hand stitching is that it is sometimes hard to pull the needle through the layers of fabric when I'm taking several stitches at once. So this video introduced me to some grips for my pulling fingers that I ordered immediately and that I am now able to personally recommend.

Here's the video about thimble tools of all sorts, and for what they are best suited. Enjoy it.

New fabric...

Of course I have new fabric... but I haven't taken lots of photos yet. Here are a couple...

Nani Iro Kokka linen (right) with some essex cotton/linens...

Moda wovens... who knew????

That's it for now... I look forward to our next visit. Thanks for being part of my quilting community!