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Quilt Photos

Quilt photos are a source of inspiration for we quilters.  I particularly enjoy it when my customers send me photos of their quilts, and on this page I will include some individual photos of quilts and some links to Picassa web albums showing many different quilts at a particular quilt show.  Enjoy!
Just home from Japan, where I was lucky enough to see the Yokohama International Quilt Show 2014.  Here is the link to the photos I took of some of the quilts. 

Just home from the 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  I took about 150 photos... there were 1300 quilts hung throughout the town, so only a small percentage of the quilts were captured by my camera.  However, enjoy the photos I did get!

The Boundary Bay Quilters' Guild show of 2013 was fabulous.  Here are a few photos.

The Mayne Island quilters put on a fabulous show in July 2012.  I only managed to capture a few photos, but hope you enjoy them.

The APWQ show in Tacoma 2011 was awe-inspiring.  I took many, many photos and am happy to share them with you.

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show of 2010 was such a treat.  A whole town given over to roving quilters.  What fun!

Here are the photos from my 2018 trip to Oregon for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Here are the photos I took, which are a small sample of the large number of lovely quilts on display.

Here are some photos from a few quilt shows in the lower mainland this fall 2014.  

The Maple Ridge 2013 Quilt Show, and the Invitational Quilt Show of QuiltBC 2013 in Penticton were each fabulous shows.  Here are some photos taken at those shows:Spring 2013 Quilt Shows

The Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild just had their show for 2013.  I took photos of only some of the quilts, and I hope you enjoy them:  

The museum in Bellingham had an exhibit of American quilts from the early 1800's to present day.  I went to tour the exhibit and have photos of some of the quilts.

And here are some photos from a few quilt shows in the lower mainland this past spring 2014.

The Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild 2011 show has just finished.  Here are a few photos from that show.  Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild 2011

I've uploaded a collection of quilt photos that my customers have sent me.  
There is quite a range here, and I'm sure you'll find them fun to see.  A few of mine found their way into this set of photos.

I've put photos of a selection of my quilts, made over the past few years, up on a web album.

Reynola Pakusich gave a trunk show to the NQC in January 2012.  She is truly an inspiration, and I only regret that these photos don't do justice to her quilts.  Nonetheless, enjoy.

The Sunshine Coast Quilters' Guild Show in June 2011 was another show with many fabulous quilts.  Here are photos of only a few of them.