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Sometimes it is nice to be sure what a quilt will look like when we start to make it, and it is for just those times that kits are made!  At any given time, you will find different kits at my studio.  At present, these are the kits that are available:
Shizuka -- about 56" x 80" -- $149

Shizuka means quiet, calm or peaceful and that is why I chose that name for this quilt. I've used contemporary Japanese yarn dyes for the background, and a lovely Japanese print for the feature blocks. A Bali batik serves as the accent for the feature fabric blocks. 

The textures of this quilt, created by the yarn dye fabrics, are a delight for the person who cares about the feel of a quilt. My quilt has been washed and dried by machine... all the fabrics play very nicely together and will last you a lifetime!


Whirligigs -- about 66" x 85" -- $175

This pieced orange peel block quilt is clean and contemporary, and is in a palette that will fit comfortably into almost any room. I've designed the template for the orange peel blocks to be simple to piece and, because it floats about 1/4" from the absolute corner of the finished block, it is very forgiving of slightly imprecise piecing... you still have complete orange peels in the block.

The fabrics are a collection including Janet Clare from Moda, batiks, cotton wovens from Japan... so the quilt has a visual and tactile range of textures. 

Mine to Design Vintage Silk Kit -- about 52" x 70" -- $145.00


These kits are each unique, consisting of 10M of vintage kimono silk, unused in most cases.  This amount of silk is sufficient to make a quilt such as the one shown here, however the silk is packaged without a kit so that you may create your own unique design.

Here are the currently available kits:

Kimono silk is easy to sew with as it does not require the backing that Dupioni does.  Cotton piecing and quilting threads work perfectly with silk fabric.  The resulting throw is machine washable and dryer friendly too.