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The natural environment of the West Coast, my home, leads to an appreciation of the richness and variety of the colour gray... we see it in rain, in the rocks, in the skies, in the forest and in the ocean. I wanted to create a quilt that would celebrate the variety that is possible with the colour gray. The soft palette I chose for Nani Katachi includes subtle prints from Japan and cotton/linen blends by Robert Kaufman. This original design was conceived to allow me to explore shape making and visual depth and texture. The resulting quilt has a contemporary aesthetic which is both calming and interesting at the same moment. This quilt will fit comfortably into a wide variety of home decor settings.

Variation in light and texture encourages the eye to quietly roam from shape to shape, travelling across the quilt. The subtlety of the overall design is enhanced by linear quilting that creates an effect of viewing the pattern through a rainy sky. The pattern includes instructions regarding the relative values of the different fabrics you will choose, in order to help you ensure that the shapes created in your quilt will be true to the original pattern.

It is ideal for use as a cuddle-under throw in your sitting room, or as a bed throw to add interest and extra warmth on cold nights.

Nani Katachi 2022 Quilt Pattern Throw Size

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