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Regular opening day now is Saturday 10-5. I'm happy to be at home for your visit on other days if you call or email to make an appointment. 

If you are a group, you may prefer to call and set a time that works for you!  Check the Studio Open Schedule page to confirm Open House dates and times. Studio Open Schedule 

If you haven't worked with vintage kimono silk, I think it's time!  It washes and irons beautifully, and the colours and designs are fabulous. I've priced the vintage unused silk at $13.95/M .  Check the Kimono silk fabric photos to see some of the silk.

If you are interested in planning a tour of local quilt shops... here is the link to a good website... Quilting Hub.

Map Quilt Shops & Other Resources Near Me - Trip Planner™

Quilting is an activity that attracts people of all ages. One way to guarantee that your quilt will be a success is by making sure you have the right tools and materials. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when purchasing quilting fabrics and tools. There is so much on the market and many choices in every category! My studio store, Quilter's Dream Fabrics, specializes in Asian and Batik quilting cottons, and books and notions related to creating quilts with those beautiful fabrics.  At this studio I will ensure that you get solid advice on what you need to make a great quilt and help with fabric selection, design, piecing and quilting techniques.

At Quilter's Dream Fabrics I am passionate about quilting and want to share my passion with my customers. Quilter's Dream Fabrics is a premier fabric studio store in Vancouver, BC and has thousands of items for you to choose from. If you are not sure where to begin your shopping, give Quilter's Dream Fabrics a call and I’ll be happy to help you. Finding quilting notions in Vancouver, BC is a challenge, and here you will find the notions that are essential to helping you put together your quilt. I have many for you to choose from in my stocked collections, and am happy to share with you my experience in working with a variety of threads, rotary cutters, rulers, battings and other notions.

Many quilters find that following a pattern is the best way to get the quilting results they are looking for. I carry a variety of quilt patterns and books at my Vancouver, BC fabric store. At Quilter's Dream Fabrics you’ll always find quality products. It can be a daunting experience especially if you don’t know what to buy, which is why I’m here to help. Quilter's Dream Fabrics also sells quilt thread at the Vancouver, BC quilting store. There is no better time than now to make sure you are all set for your next quilting project.

Thank you for visiting the website of Quilter's Dream Fabrics. I carry the largest selection in the lower mainland of Bali Batik quilting fabric and Asian print fabric.  All my fabrics are cotton and of the highest quality available on the market . Whatever style of quality Asian or Batik fabric you’re looking for, Quilter's Dream Fabrics stocks it. You can also contact me with any of your quilting questions. I’ll be happy to help you and get you everything you will need to craft a beautiful quilt.


Lorna Shapiro

A Fun Lecture on Design at Quilt Canada 2018

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to offer a lecture on my favourite topic -- Quilt Design! It seems that learning about quilt design is a journey not a destination, and I am forever encountering new lessons scattered along the path I'm taking. I'll be sharing these in a lecture at Quilt Canada and I hope many of you will be there to join me.

And the winners are...

Thank you to all the women who participated and made Challenge 2017 so inspiring for all of us. Here are the three winners.

1st place... Joanne Nelson

2nd place... Carol Pettigrew

3rd place... Nadine Scott

Lots of new fabrics in from Japan... Kokka Nani Iro shown below is just one example.

Challenge 2017 Announced

Hi everyone! I've just spent a few days assembling the kits for this year's challenge. Each year (I believe this is my "Fourth and possibly Annual" challenge) for the past few years I have had a challenge for my customers. Lately we've been starting this in the late summer/early fall and ending it with a "quilt show" at my home on the day of my winter sale. Everyone who comes to the winter sale gets to vote on their favourite quilts, and the winners are tabulated that night. Prizes are gift certificates of $100, $50, and $25.

This year's theme is Constraints and Creativity. In past years I've provided kits of about a M of fabric, various small pieces, and asked you to add whatever you like to make a quilt of some sort... last year we celebrated texture. This year: 

  1. I am providing kits with all the fabric you are allowed to use for the top of the quilt. If you run out you are allowed to use a different fabric for the binding, but only if you have used all your fabric in your quilt top. I want to see what you can do with an interesting set of fabric that you cannot add to.
  2. The kits are 2'ish M of fabric. Therefore the quilts will tend to be smaller rather than larger.
  3. You get to choose your kit, but there are only 17 available and 2 of those have already been purchased. 
  4. Total fee for entry is $30, which includes the 2+ M of fabric.
  5. Kit photos are on my most recent blog post, dated July 29, 2017. Kits are available for pickup or mailing now. Let me know by email your first three choices and so one of them is likely to still be available.
  6. The finished quilt is due in my studio by January 20 for a January 27, 2018 Winter Sale Day.
I find that some of my most successful quilts have been "fabric driven" designs and I think that, for me, constraints often lead me to more creative designs... so I hope you will consider joining the fun and enter this challenge!

My Blog

Just want to remind you that you can access my blog posts through the navigation section on the left hand side of this page. The first item under Navigation is a link to my blog which contains all the posts for the past year. You can also subscribe to the blog from the page that contains the posts. If you subscribe you will receive email notification of my new blog posts as they come out. 

Quiltcon 2016

The Modern Quilt Convention and Show was inspirational and educational both... a real treat. Here are some photos I took of the show... Quiltcon 2016

Yokohama International Quilt Show 2014

I'm home from my trip to Japan, and have now posted photos I took at this fabulous quilt show... enjoy your sneak peek at an amazing show...


Some new Asian panels, many new Bali's, new arrivals of vintage kimono silk, new arrivals of Robert Kaufman linen/cotton blend, new quilting gloves, and some beautiful new kits... come visit soon!

I've added a document that will contain my stories of Japan... I'll update it as I send new emails to my customer list... each such email containing one small story of the strange surprises I encountered in my short trip to Japan.  Here's the document link...

I am back from a wonderful trip to Japan.  My senses are overloaded with new sights, sounds, smells, tastes... and I've touched and brought home a bunch of Japanese traditional design cottons, vintage silk kimono fabric (some of it hand painted) and vintage haori.  The photos of my trip are now on the web at: