Welcome to lovers of modern aesthetic quilts
and to lovers of textured fabrics for crafts
and dressmaking!

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About My Studio, and me

Welcome To Lovers Of Modern Aesthetic Quilts And Lovers Of
Textured Fabrics For Crafts And Dressmaking!

I started my quilting and design journey about 15 years ago when I retired from a very left-brain career. Looking for a joyful activity, I tried making a quilt for our about-to-be-30-year-old daughter and her husband. I was instantly passionate about quilting and about blending a Japanese aesthetic with a contemporary sense of design. Over the intervening years, I have been continually refining my design aesthetic. The Pacific West Coast, where I live and work, offers me daily inspiration through its shapes, textures, and natural colours found here.

I believe that handwork warrants using only the best quality fabrics, and that is what I sell. These materials will allow you to create a quilt, garment, or accessory that will happily take a lifetime of wear. The kits you'll find here are unique to my shop and often feature a variety of textures, adding another dimension of interest to each quilt. If you prefer to select your own fabrics, you can purchase just the pattern for my unique and contemporary quilt designs. Step into my studio and look around!

On this website, you will find my original quilt patterns, kits, and other go-together combinations. To develop these beautiful pieces, I use a collection of fabulous fabrics that I select and import myself. I design my quilts in my studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I am influenced by the palettes of our coastline and our forests.

Unique Project Ideas

These are some new projects for 2022.

Yama to Kawa Quilt Pattern

Contemporary Throw Quilt, Modern Quilt, Bed Throw, Sofa Throw, Lap Quilt

Basically Bauhaus

Contemporary quilt kit, Modern quilt kit, Beginner quilt kit

Pathways (Grey-Red Colourway) Quilt Pattern

Contemporary Quilt Pattern, Modern Quilt Pattern, Beginner Quilt Pattern

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