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July Sale on until July 26th

posted Jul 11, 2020, 4:31 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Book an appointment now for you and up to three friends to come shop the sale.

20% off all regularly priced merchandise... fabric, threads, notions, batting, patterns!

July sale book-a-time

This Covid-safe sale environment is great for all of us... I get time to help you with your latest project, or to work with you as we put together ideas for a new project. And, we can share our latest lessons, in quilting and in life!

Here are some inspirational photos I've just received from my wonderful photographer, Juli!

All these wonderful fabrics are waiting here to inspire your next project.

July 20% Off Sale -- Bookable Appointments

posted Jun 27, 2020, 12:03 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi there everyone...

With Covid and the need for social distancing, I've developed an exciting new way to have a sale! I've set up a bookable calendar, with two hour time slots, and you can book your time to come along with up to 3 additional friends. 

There will be one group in at a time so we can make sure we aren't mingling amongst lots of people. 

So, folks, here goes... book a time that works for you and come to the sale with no lineups! I'm so pleased with myself...

Batting, Threads, Notions, Silks, Linens, Essex linens, Batiks, Contemporary Japanese prints, Kits

All regularly priced product is 20% off... minimum cut is 1/2 M



Trend-Tex is now offering an online, personal shopping experience

posted Jun 20, 2020, 3:13 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hello to you all. We've arrived at summer and somewhat more freedom in our movements and interactions with others... Many of you have been taking advantage of my new, daily by appointment, studio shopping approach. If you missed my notice about that, I've decided that in order to keep everyone safe it is better to have just one person or small shopping group in the studio at a time. So you can now call, text, or email to make an appointment to come by any day of the week. You skip the lines and know that you are not in a crowded shopping environment. I ask that you wear a mask, as will I, so we can keep each other safe.

However, any store can only have a limited selection of fabrics. My local distributor, Trend-tex in Port Coquitlam, has come up with an ingenious shopping offer for the customers of its customers... that means you! Starting Monday June 22 you can shop online for minimum 1M cuts (or more, in quarter meter increments) of all the non-basic lines that Trend-tex carries.  When you check out, you enter the shop identifier of the shop you wish to support, and that shop will receive a portion of the total sale price. Shipping is a flat rate $15 for any purchase up to $149 and free for purchases over that. My shop identifier is QUI132. If you forget that identifier, you can search for my shop identifier at checkout time.

Here's a bit more that Trend-tex wants you to know about this new service:

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to access the largest selection in Canada of Moda, Hoffman California, RJR, Benartex, Lewis & Irene, Michael Miller and Stof. , whilst still supporting Quilter's Dream Fabrics. 

TrendTex has been a trusted wholesaler to me for a long time. They’ve supplied Canadian shops for over 40 years and now via this uniquely Canadian program you can access their huge inventory. 

Just go to and when you place your order enter QUI132 at the check out. We want you to know that when you shop for your fabric here, Quilter's Dream Fabrics receives a portion of all sales, so please use code QUI132 every time you make a purchase!

We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe and keep quilting!

And before I let you go, I'm including a couple of photos that I think you'll enjoy. The first is 

A customer, whose name has flown out of my mind, sent me this lovely photo of a strip pieced star quilt that she designed using offcuts from an earlier quilt... It's so beautiful I thought you should see it. Notice how well she has used the value differences to create movement!

I'd also like you to see a close-up of some detail stitching I've added to my Upside/Downside quilt. I learned a lot from Uschi about different stitches, and find that with just a few accent surprises I can make a quilt a lot more interesting to me, and texturally pleasing too!

And finally, here is a photo of some of the Presencia and Stef-Francis perle cottons I've got in stock if you want to do some more hand stitching to accent your own quilts!

That's it! I'll be interested to hear how you like the experience of shopping the great selection of fabrics that are available at Trend-tex. 

Open Daily by appointment -- Skip the lines -- I still price in M's

posted May 29, 2020, 3:30 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hello out there! 

We are making progress with Covid-19 in BC! Thank you to the leaders and citizenry of this province for that progress. 

Skip the lines!

I am now open daily for individuals to come into my studio, by appointment and with a mask. I, too, will wear a mask so we can minimize the risk of spreading anything. Please call, text or email to make an appointment.

Buy stuff that goes together!

If you are not local, I am most willing to try to help you get needed quilting and sewing supplies by working through email, phone, text. Call, text or email me about what you need and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Meters or Yards?

My pricing is still in M's and I sell any portion of a meter... with .1 of a M being 4". Some local stores have switched to selling in yards, but left their prices the same... so just remember you are getting 10% less, or paying 10% more when you are buying in yards... I use a 40" meter just because it is easier for me to calculate!

Backings for all those quilt tops you've finished?

If you are looking for backings I have a nice selection of extra-wides at the moment. They are priced at $27.95/M or 3 M for $70. You can get at least 2 throws from a 3M piece. Here's a photo...

Some pretty pictures of other fabrics...

These light cotton pintucks are great for summer weight clothing.

These beautiful Japanese light weight linens are also fabulous for summer clothing.

And I have 1/4" elastic for those masks you are making you friends and family... I finally had to make some myself! It is $0.80/M or $0.60/M for purchases of 25M or more (that's $15 for 25M rather than $20!).

I'm still enjoying my quiet spring and hope you are too. I'm sending you all a virtual hug... be well.


Good news/Bad news... And some good information!

posted May 1, 2020, 6:17 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hello everyone! 

My calendar tells me we've just completed the 7th week of Covid-style separation and I can't say that I can quite tell you where the time has gone. I've settled into a nicely unstructured lifestyle, working on my newly developed sourdough bread making skills, Zoom- and 6 ft-visiting with close friends, doing some tidying and organizing in my studio, sewing a couple of scrub caps for a daughter and working on a new quilt design. In between those things I've met LOTS of new stitchers who are coming for supplies for making masks and I've helped my regular customers with curb-side selections and purchases of quilting fabrics! Turns out 7 weeks can go by quickly.

So what's the good news/bad news? With the cancellation of this spring's show season, my carefully constructed retirement plan has hit a snag. All that fabric that was to have been sold at shows is still with me... you know, life is what happens while you had other plans! Which means my business will be here for at least the remainder of this year while I sort out an alternate exit strategy. 

Mask making information

All quilters know that batik will produce the greatest barrier to entry of any cotton due to the tightness of the weave, but what I didn't know was whether it was possible to make a mask that actually does much good. So I was very pleased to discover this recently published article on the filtration rates of masks made with different types of materials.

One point they make is that the best masks have two types of filtration -- mechanical and electrostatic. The second very important point is that it is possible to make a home made mask that actually equals the N95 filtration levels. Which brings us to the third very important point: all is for naught if there are spaces between the face and the edge of the mask... so fit is crucial if you actually want a mask that does something rather than just look like a mask. Spaces between the mask and face cause the mask to lose 60% of its filtration capability.

Several materials are recommended for electrostatic filtration, including silk and polyester. It occurred to me that scraps of silk batting would be perfect because it has both silk fibres and a fine polyester scrim (mesh) into which the silk fibres are punched. I'm going to try that in a mask and see if it is too cumbersome or if it is comfortable. Over to you now to try the materials suggested and, if you don't mind, please let me know what ideas you come up with for the electrostatic material in your masks.

A quilt show video

Alison Rice, a member of the Vancouver Quilt Guild, posted a link to this wonderful video show of a display of quilts made by an African American woman, born in the late 1930's, who produced her quilts using a pseudonym Rosie Lee Tompkins. The work is reminiscent of the Gees Bend quilters and also the work of Molly Upton. Here's the link to the virtual show:

And if you were interested in my reference to Molly Upton, here's more information about this amazing woman.

Finally some pretty fabric photos

My daughter really liked a rayon/linen fabric from Japan and so Susan was good enough to make one of the Schoolhouse tunics for Kate... it looks great:

Here are some new Yoko Saito fabrics that just arrived...


OK... I think that is it for now. I'm hoping that you are all finding a path to contentment and joy in this time of relative isolation. I send a hug and my best wishes.


Sending warm thoughts your way...

posted Apr 5, 2020, 4:23 PM by Lorna Shapiro   [ updated May 1, 2020, 4:53 PM ]

It really has taken me this long to get to where I could write to you again. My first week of shutdown felt like I was in shock... nothing was as I had expected it to be only a week before and I couldn't quite get my head around what  was the new state of the world. Fortunately I've since spoken with enough of you to know that I was not alone in that reaction and, like you, I'm beginning to come out of that state and into a place of gratitude for all that is still OK in my world. Keeping in touch with our friends and family is so critical at this time and we are inordinately fortunate that we have the technology that allows us to do that.

So in part this blog post is just a reaching out to say that I sincerely hope that all is well with you and your dear ones and that I appreciate your friendship and the rich creative spirit you contribute to my life. We are blessed.

A number of you have been in touch looking for assistance with some small needed item for a project so I also want to explain what I'm doing. With Covid-19 I am no longer open for individuals to come into my studio. I sympathize with the frustration of having our stores closed. I am most willing to try to help you get needed quilting and sewing supplies by working through email, phone, text or curb-side help. Call, text or email me about what you need and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I can help with...

Masterpiece and King Tut piecing and quilting threads
505 spray
Silk batting
Wool batting
45 mm rotary blades (the Japanese steel ones are back in stock and $32 for 10 blades)
28 mm rotary blades
thread snips
sewing machine needles (domestic and long-arm)
Perle cottons - Presencia sz 8 in lots of colours, every colour of Stef Francis sz 8, 5 and 3
Needle threaders
Free motion quilting gloves
Extra-wide backing
Linen for clothing - light and mid-weight
Essex linens by Robert Kaufman 
Shot cottons by Pepper Cory
Japanese contemporary cottons
Japanese woven cottons
Japanese cotton/linens and rayon/linens

I'm sending you a few photos to brighten your day...

Japanese cottons...

Northcott cotton (middle), Japanese cotton satin (bottom), Japanese cotton (top)

Essex linen and Japanese cotton/linen... and lots of other linen combos for aprons.

Some of the Stef Frances perle cottons being unpacked...

New shipment of blades finally available and arrived! Still a great deal even though the cost 

is up $4.

Finally... I'm passing along a couple of images that have been sent to me during this time of isolation...


Be well... stay safe... create joy for yourself and those dear to you.


There's still one Saturday left in February!

posted Feb 27, 2020, 1:12 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hello to you all...

My "Happy 70th birthday to Me... 15% off sale for the month" lasts until this coming Saturday so you still have a chance to participate! Maria and Susan will be here working with me and we'd be happy to help you with your next project.

I have a new quilt to show you... and I've done some handstitching after I quilted it... I'm having so much fun with that. This time I used Presencia Perle cotton size 8. Irene says it's very SUB-tle!


I mentioned I had received some wonderful new linens... heavier weight... that are great for clothing and for towels... Here are some photos...

           Woven daisies                                                                   Black linen


              Dark Aqua                                                         Dark Green


               Taupe                                                                     Periwinkle


And here are some towels made by Beckie, who also fringed them rather than hemming them...


New Moda Wovens also have arrived...


And finally I wanted to pass on this great little video about cutting long borders or strips of fabric... I thought it was very clear and helpful.

That's it... except for this one last lovely photo of some of the Stef Francis perle cottons that I have here for your stitching pleasure...

Kind of makes you melt, doesn't it?

Take care, all... and do enjoy this wonderful time when spring starts to arrive.


It's spring! Happy Birthday to Me... 70 Years Old next week!

posted Jan 30, 2020, 4:28 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi there everyone...

I don't usually do this, but since it is my last few months in operation here... and since I just received a bunch of wonderful new cotton-linens and 100 % linens and variegated yarns for hand stitching... I'm offering 15% off in the month of February to anyone who wishes me happy 70th birthday! This offer is good for one visit (or email) per person, and applies to ALL regularly priced products.

Here's some of the new stuff...

Heavy-weight linens for towels or clothing... 240 g/sm...

I've become a convert to the benefits of linen for bath towels. And my daughter Kate who is back at university and trying to get some exercise swimming during a break in classes has also become a convert... read this description of the benefits of linen towels and you will start to see why we are so keen on linen...

Here's a couple of photos of my recent towel creations!

Yarn-Dyed and gorgeous...

Dyed... in Aqua and Optic White... also 240 g/sm...

Susan helped me to make these. We used the Clover hot hemmer for a fast measurement tool when ironing the hems around the border of these lovely towels... these linens are 58" wide so they make a perfect bath towel with the length being the WOF. I have aqua and optic white in plain weave linens for $32/M. The top one is a yarn-dye and it is $50/M... but it's gorgeous! All three of these linens are 240 grams/square meter... heavy weight an wonderful.

Here's the Clover hot hemmer tool if you haven't seen it...

The fabric sticks to the ruler while you are ironing up the hem, and the ruler doesn't get hot because it is some sort of fibre.

Pack of 10 rotary blades, 45mm, for only $28.

I've restocked these, and although the sale was over when I made this purchase, they are still only $28 for 10... good quality Japanese steel and the blades work well on Olfa and Clover rotary cutters. Compare this with $45 for 5 Clover blades... it's an economical way to get reasonable quality blades.

And Some New Stef Francis Yarns

I have restocked my No 5 and No 8 Perle Cotton variegated yarns from Stef Francis... I have all their colours now and the price-point is excellent... $4/skein. Here's some pretty pictures...





And there's even more... so just come and enjoy having a great selection of gorgeous cottons for your hand stitching play!

Upcoming Shows...

I will be at four shows before I close the business... and as we are starting to cut fabric to take to shows, we are getting excited about coming out to meet you and share what we've been learning about quilting, stitching and garment sewing. Here are the shows where you'll find me...

Abbotsford Creative Festival March 27/28..

Victoria Quilters' Guild June 5/6/7...

and the last hurrah...

This is all going to be bitter/sweet for me, being my last year of shows. But I hope to share good visits and lots of laughter with you and to see lots more beautiful quilts to inspire us as we visit these shows. I have a few new ones to share with you!


Finish your planning quickly -- it's here! Sale Day tomorrow.

posted Dec 27, 2019, 10:10 AM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi to you all.

I'm busy today setting up for my Boxing Week Sale which is tomorrow, Saturday December 28th. This is the sale you don't want to miss... even if it's just for the exercise of climbing those stairs after all that holiday turkey!

First I want to thank the lovely women who took time out of their holiday preparations to give me the scoop on "the News from Old Crow." I grew up in Edmonton and my fellow Albertans of that era were better than I at remembering the source of that saying... here's an exceprt of what I received...

Gwich'in elder Edith Josie, the voice of Old Crow, died Sunday of natural causes at the age of 88. The Whitehorse Star journalist was known around the world for the colourful reports she gave from her isolated, fly-in community.

She had her own unique style of telling stories to people and it really carried through to others,” said her son, William Josie.

Josie wrote exactly the way that she spoke – in broken English with Gwich’in syntax – flavouring her columns with local expressions and a quirky sense of humour.

In one of her first articles she describes the unsuccessful “ratting” (muskrat trapping) in Old Crow Flats that year.

“John Joe Kay and his family and Dick Nukon and family came into town from their ratting camp,” she wrote in the spring of 1963.

“They reported no rats around there but they say too many mosquito. Too bad no prize on mosquito.”

Storytelling was in her blood, but it wasn’t her ability to spin a good yarn that landed Josie a job with the paper. That fell on her by accident.

If you'd like to read the whole story of this remarkable woman who's humour and warmth touched the lives of many she never met, here's the link to that story...  In my home the expression "That's the news from Old Crow" was used after we had delivered a piece of somewhat mundane, but personal piece of news... and now I can understand why!

NOW... back to the sale...

All Regularly Priced Product is 25% Off

Phone and email orders are just fine...

Silk Batting, Wool Batting

Grunge, Shot Cottons, Cotton/Linens, Dupioni Silks

Vintage Kimono Silks, Japanese Wovens

Contemporary Japanese Prints

Dressmaking Linens

Embroidery Perle Cottons #3, #5, #8

Lots of Great Notions...

as is usual at our sales...

Laughter, Advice and Companionship are all free!

Where am I?

2726 W 38th Ave
Vancouver V6N 2W9

10 AM to 5 PM

Hope to see you tomorrow...



In between your holiday events... start planning... 8 sleeps to go.

posted Dec 20, 2019, 12:08 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi to you all... Our daughter Kate, when 6 years old, was already the extroverted, warm and engaging person she is today. When we travelled to Guadeloupe as a family over the Christmas vacation that year, she took to greeting people she did not know with the question "Are you Christmas or Chanukah?". And surprising to us, she located a few Chanukahs! So whether you are Christmas, Chanukah or neither one... my hope for us all is some relaxed time with those we love over the holidays, and that we all enjoy a sense of gratitude for all those who are dear to us in our lives.

And... while you are enjoying some quiet moments in between the holiday festivities, you can start planning your next projects, pulling what you have from your stashes, and sorting out what shopping you want to do to take advantage of my December 28th Boxing Week Sale!

But before I show you some photos of some of the new fabrics that have arrived, I'd like to announce that as we head into 2020 we are heading into the last 6 months of my business. I turn 70 in February and have decided that I'm starting to get the hang of retirement and it is time to give it a try. My business has been a blessing for me as I transitioned from full time, intense professional work into retirement. You've all taught me so much... about colour, about design, about sharing our knowledge with open hearts, and about supporting each other through the challenges that come as we age. From the bottom of my heart... thank-you! I don't plan to have a big clearance close-out, because I love my fabric and want to have it around to support my creative spirit. I will have this sale and another in the spring... and then will close with the CQA show in Edmonton. I've been speaking of these plans with those I've seen in person over the past couple of months, and wanted now to let those of you whom I haven't seen understand what is happening with my business. To look at my studio, you would not think I'm retiring... so I will likely find myself making some kits to sell on Etsy once I retire in order to burn through some of what I don't "need" over time!

So, as my mom used to say, that's the news from Old Crow. I have no idea where that expression comes from and if you do I'd love to hear from you.

Here's the scoop on the Boxing Week Sale... 

Saturday December 28th

10 AM to 5 PM

2726 W 38th Ave.
Vancouver , BC V6N 2W9

or by phone or email (prior to the 28th)

Lots of gorgeous new fabrics...

Kokka Nani Iro line -- some sheeting weight and some lawn cottons


Sevenberry through Robert Kaufman...



          One House, Two House


           Sedona Sunset

          Heading Home

Other good stuff................

10 Pack 45 MM blades $25

Regularly priced fabric and kits all 25% off

Batting -- Silk or Wool -- 25% off

Amazing variegated embroidery Perle Cottons -- Sizes 3, 5, and 8 -- $4 ea, 25% off

Presencia 10 gm balls of Size 8 Perle Cotton -- $5 ea, 25% off

Patterns -- 25% off

Notions -- 25% off (rulers, 505, needles)

Thread -- 25% off

And that is worth planning for! Susan, Maria, Irene, Shannon and I are hoping to see you on the 28th. Come and bring a friend... it will be fun!



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