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Countdown to Best Sale of the Year...

posted Jan 3, 2017, 5:52 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Happy New Year to everyone… and welcome to the countdown to my best in the year sale… 11 days to go until Saturday January 14! I’ve decided to pass on a bit of information of use to you in your quilting, and a bit of information about what you’ll find at my sale each day for the next 11 days.

What does U.S. $/Yd translate to in Canadian $/M at today’s exchange rate of 1.35? Lots of you have to do this translation often, if you are trying to decide if it is better to buy fabric in the States (or from an American online store) or in Canada. So here’s the current calculations…

It is always the case that 1.1 Yard = 1 Meter of fabric.

Therefore if something is $10 US/Yard it is $10 x 1.1 or $11 US/Meter.

At current exchange rates 1 U.S. $ = 1.35 Cdn $.

Therefore if something is $11 US / Meter it is $11 x 1.35 = $14.85 Cdn / Meter.

So… from the $USD/Yd to the $Cdn/M equivalent, the multiplier is 1.485 at today’s exchange rate.

And the reverse is equally useful… divide the $Cdn/M by 1.485 to find out what it is equivalent to in $US/yard.

So… the $12 Cdn/M batiks you’ll find at the sale on Saturday January 14 are $8.10 US/Yard… Pretty Sweet!!!!! Even if you are not quilting with batiks, they make amazing quilt backs at that price.

All regular width batiks on the bolt are $12/M -- one day only -- Saturday January 14 -- 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Quilter’s Dream Fabrics

2726 W 38th Ave.

Vancouver, BC

V6N 2W9


Jan 2017 batik 1.jpg

Jan 2017 batik 2.JPG

Jan 2017 batik 3.JPG

Jan 2017 batik 4.JPG

Stay tuned… tomorrow we talk about NEEDLES :-)