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Design Class, New Pattern, Lessons and Learning Opportunities

posted Oct 10, 2017, 2:21 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hello All! I’ve been catching my breath after my fall sale and social media extravaganza in September, so this month’s blog post is a bit late… but you’ll be glad to know I’m rested and quilting up a storm! Hope you are enjoying these cooler fall days and the start of quilting season. Here are a few updates that will hopefully provide some ideas and inspiration.

Space in my Quilt Design 101 Class with the Fraser Valley Quilting Guild

I’m going to be teaching a two day, introductory quilt design class, for the FVQG on Saturday October 28 and Saturday November 18, This is such a fun and satisfying workshop no matter what your experience level with quilt design and no matter what your design aesthetic. You will come away from these two days with:

  • new knowledge about design principles,

  • new piecing techniques so that you can incorporate different kinds of shapes in your quilts,

  • new experience with the design process, and

  • new confidence in your ability to create your own designs

  • new friends!.

And did I mention you will also have your own new quilt designed and construction started? I’d love to have you join this class if you are interested. Please contact Judy Bond at for information about the cost and registration. The class is held at the Kennedy Senior Centre, just up Nordel road after you go over the Alex Fraser bridge… it’s really easy to get to and a great room for working with design.

New Pattern…

I’ve just finished quilting a new hexi quilt that is a lovely design for a grandchild’s quilt, or, for that matter, it’s a nice design if you just like cheery quilts! I call it Flowers and Showers and here is a photo of the quilt… taken by my dear quilt photographer who knows how to run a camera a lot better than I do!

Quilts Edited-30.jpg

Quilts Edited-29.jpg

Only 1 Shizuka Quilt Kit Remaining…

While I’m thinking of that talented photographer, it reminds me that I’ve only got 1 kit remaining of my second yarn-dye quilt, Shizuka… It is $149 and is completely Japanese yarn-dyes and Japanese printed cotton… and it is beautiful. So if you were thinking about this kit, now would be a good time to take action… I can’t get more of the fabrics to make this beautiful quilt kit, so the last one is the last one… Here’s a photo to remind you which one I’m talking about.

Quilts Edited-5.jpg

A Recently Learned Lesson

Many of you likely know this, but I didn’t know it consciously until very recently. Having become aware of this lesson, I wanted to pass it along. The learning opportunity arose during my last sale. I walked into one of my “studio” rooms where Irene and Maria were helping Fran choose three fabrics for a project she was working on. There was some difference of opinion amongst them (can you imagine?) about the three fabrics that they were considering. To be honest, Irene and Maria were of different opinions. Not knowing this, I walked in and saw the three fabrics, asked about the project and learned that there would be only three fabrics used… and offered my unsolicited opinion that I felt there was insufficient energy in the combination. This led to me selecting an alternate for one of the fabrics, replacing it, and expressing my approval of my own work! Maria agreed with me and Irene did not… poor Fran was caught in the middle! However as is so often the way, more discussion about the relative merits of the two options produced an interesting lesson. It turns out that the design of Fran’s was going to use a lot of one of the fabrics, a small amount of a second, and just a flange of the third. The one I was messing with was the second fabric. So we laid out the fabrics in the quantities in which they would actually appear in the quilt and realized that the original set of fabrics was better than my revision to the set of fabrics. In other words, as the proportion of the respective fabrics in the quilt top changed, our choice of what was the best combination changed. That was the lesson that I had not been consciously aware of until that point. Irene was right… but then she always is!

And finally… a great blog for you to learn from…

Some of my customers are just born with a fabulous colour sense, and many are like me… NOT born with a fabulous colour sense. So if you are like me, you probably like to find good sources of discussion about colour and palettes, sources that are clear and easy to learn from. I have been reading posts from a woman who is currently writing about colour in a way that is very approachable and very easy to apply. Her name is Shannon Brinkley and her blog is I highly recommend that you give yourself the treat of reading these posts over time, slowly, and experimenting with applying the ideas she offers. We will all make even more beautiful quilts!

And finally, finally…

Enjoy this lovely fall. Come and see me when you have a new project or want to chat about one you have on the go!

Be well….