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March 11 2016 Blog Post

posted Mar 11, 2016, 2:04 PM by Lorna Shapiro

Hi everyone… A couple of weeks ago I received an unusual email request… It went like this:

Hi Lorna, I'm a teddy bear/stuffy Doctor.  I just got this bunny that needs a lot of TLC.  He's made from chirimen fabric.  Do you carry any of this fabric?  I don't need a very large piece since the bunny is only about 6".  He needs hands, ear and a hole in his bum fixed.  Thanks for your help.  Ruth

Now chirimen, in case you haven’t heard the word, is what the Japanese call crepe and it is traditionally silk,, as was the case for this very beaten up bunny stuffy. Here was the very sick bunny stuffy, after a dog had used it as a chewing toy:

bunny 1.JPG

bunny 2.JPG

This bunny was very important to some young woman, and she was very sad when she found what the dog had done to the bunny. She tossed the bunny in the garbage but her boyfriend fished it out and went looking for a bunny doctor. And he found Ruth! And Ruth found me!

So I replied to Ruth’s email that I had a lot of vintage kimono silk, some of which was chirimen, and that I’d recommend she come by with the bunny and see if we could find a match. So, come by she did, and fortunately I had a silk chirimen of a reasonably close match in both colour and design. So she selected silk for the body parts that were damaged and the inner ear linings that needed repair.

I couldn’t imagine repairing such a badly damaged stuffy was possible, but Ruth seemed confident and promised, at my request, to send photos when the repair was complete.

A couple of days ago I received this email.

Hi Lorna, Here are the before and after pictures of the repairs.  The arms, ears and back of the rabbit are the fabric I bought from you.  I'm really pleased how she turned out.

You asked for my blog on bear repairs:

Thanks again for helping me find the right fabric!  Ruth Hasman, the Teddy Bear Doctor

Here are the photos of Ruth’s handiwork with the very sick bunny:

bunny 3.jpg                       bunny 4.jpg

Now how amazing is that???!!!