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One More Sleep!

posted Oct 5, 2018, 11:13 AM by Lorna Shapiro

Ladies, consider sleeping in your car! Sale starts 10:00 Saturday.

All Kits 15% off

All Essex linens and shot cottons 20% off

All vintage kimono silks 20% off

Hobbs Tuscany Silk, Tuscany Wool batting 20% off

"Ends & Thread Bags" -- approx 2M fabric, plus a spool of thread -- just $25 --
ONLY 36 BAGS so come early if you want one...

Overstock M cuts of tonal solids 20% off show sale price of $14.50/M...
$11.60/M Cdn... equals $7.80/yd USD!!!!!!!

Help from all of us... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

2726 W 38th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6N 2W9