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Parksville Quilt Show, Apliquick, Quilt photos, PFD batik

posted Jun 20, 2018, 11:15 AM by Lorna Shapiro
Hi everyone! 

I hope you are surviving this heat wave. Those of us with our sewing rooms upstairs are now envious of those of you who have your sewing rooms in the basement! I'm excited to give you this update today.

First... the Parksville Quilters' Guild show is this coming weekend (Friday - Sunday) and it is always a great show with a satisfying diversity of artistic styles... hope to see you there. Here's the link to the information on the web about the show... I'll be there with Maria and we look forward to chatting with you about your latest project. Susan will be keeping my studio open here on Saturday 10 - 5 as usual, so no need to worry if you were planning on coming by the studio this Saturday.

Second... two days after the CQA show, I had a couple of women from South Africa come by to purchase a supply of yarn-dyes and cotton-linens to take back to South Africa. I asked what they were doing with them and they mentioned they do a lot of "Apliquick". 

"What's Apliquick?", I asked. 

"You don't know Apliquick?" they replied in amazement. 

"No I don't!" I replied with perhaps a bit of defensiveness... At this point they described what seemed to me to be just turned edge applique and I thought not much more about it. They did tell me that yarn-dyes and cotton-linens were great because it was easy to get beautifully smooth edges. 

Three days later I was a civilian visiting the Lions Gate Quilt show (which was fabulous as usual) and I stopped when I heard another South African-like accent coming from a booth (turns out it was a Spanish accent so I'm not very good at accents). However the booth, as it turns out, was the Apliquick booth and the voice was coming from Rosa, who's business is Apliquick. I decided to pay attention and see what she had to show.

So for those of you like me who didn't know about this product line, Apliquick is a set of very high quality, specially designed tools for doing turned edge applique... and everyone I've met who uses them swears by them. Oddly enough, she intrigued me enough that I wanted to do some turned edge applique RIGHT AWAY! So two things are true -- the tools are great, and Rosa is a great saleswoman! 

All of this is to tell you that I've now started carrying most of the Apliquick tools, and this summer will be hosting an Apliquick demo/lesson day. Probably in conjunction with a sale of some sort. Irene and I are busy developing our expertise with the tools and we will be able to tell you what we learned. I've got a queen size bed quilt on the design wall and I'm going to use these tools to add a bit of applique... I'm very excited to be adding to my tool set!

Third... I want to pass on a couple of photos that came my was recently of quilts that were created by women who took a workshop I taught on designing quilts that include set-in circles/quarter-circles. As is often the case, both women put in lots of time after the workshop and both created quilts that have beautiful movement, while still being calming to look at. The first I'll show is by Marilyn, and you may have seen it in CQA this past month. The second is by another Lorna... It wasn't at CQA but it could have been. 

And finally... I've just brought in a bolt of white PFD batik. I think it is $14.95/M, and it is very good quality batik so for those of you who want to do some dyeing this summer, this would be a good way to start.

All the best... thanks for being part of my quilting community!