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Look what we've been doing!, Year-end sale -- Dec 27 - 30th, and other good stuff!

posted December 14, 2023, 8:00 PM by Lorna Shapiro

The holiday season is upon us... I have my lights up to ward off the darkness and that always makes me feel better at this time of year. With the end of year comes my biggest sale of the year. And this year I'm calling it my "Have it your way" sale because you have three ways you can participate:

  • Come to my first day free-for-all sale, no appointments needed or taken, on Wednesday December 27 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. I will have extra hands on deck to help you with selection and cutting and it will be lots of fun and hopefully lots of people!

  • If you prefer to shop in person but without the crowds, days 2-4 of my sale are for you. Book your appointment for one of the appointment only sale days, from Thursday December 28 to Saturday December 30.

  • And finally, if you are at a distance and want to shop online, there will also be a sale for my e-commerce site. Between December 27 and 30th sale prices will be shown on the website, so no need for a coupon code.

Everything in the studio will be 20% to 45% off and there will be lots of choice for you... new project ideas, fabric bundles, kits and of course lots of off-the-bolt shopping opportunities. Batting, thread and notions, everything is on sale for 4 days!

Speaking of fabric bundles... Look what we've been up to.

I have just completed a series of patterns that use 7 half-yard cuts to which you add a background fabric of your choosing:


Colour-blocked (Version 1):

Colour-blocked - Version 2:

Basically Bauhaus:

Squared Away:

And we have been working away here on 7 half-yard bundles, which will all be loaded onto the website before sale day. Priced at just $73, they are designed with the above-shown patterns in mind. Just add a background fabric and you have a lovely quilt. They are a treat to work with and an inspiration upon which you can build if you'd like a larger quilt. Here's a sneak preview of some of them.

Lions Gate Quilters' Guild Retreat

Those of you who are local know that the Lions Gate Guild is a group of talented, inspiring and welcoming quilters. Leslie Rutledge is one of those quilters and she is helping to organize their annual quilt retreat which will take place February 15 - 19, 2024 at Zajac Ranch for Children in Mission. Cost ranges from $600 to $740. They have a few spots left to fill and would love to have you join them. It's a chance to meet and work with some new quilters, give yourself a whack of creative time, and have lots of fun.

For more information, call or email Leslie Rutledge. Email:, Phone: 778-773-5979.

Speaking of Travelling:

My sister Isabel uses this nifty technique to travel with her seam-ripper, without causing damage to anything around it.

And on the subject of good ideas...

A customer dropped by in the summer and when we were exchanging ideas on techniques we find helpful, she taught me that Pounce powder, inside a chaco liner dispenser, works WAY better than the chalk that comes with the dispenser... stays on longer and brushes away easily:

Finally two photos of customer's quilts that I thought you'd enjoy seeing:

Marielle made this throw for her mother... and it was her first quilt! She selected the fabrics, pieced and quilted it all herself, using my Pathways pattern:

Becky made this sampler with clearance batiks from the studio. Becky's work is always big and always amazingly complicated! She has my undying respect.

And finally, finally... a cartoon I think demonstrates that humour is often cold hard truth that catches you by surprise.

Thanks to Gladys for sending this out.

If you want the by-appointment sale, don't wait to book your visit during December 28-30...

If you'd like to book a visit during the appointment days of the sale, you can use this link to my booking page to find a time that works for you between December 28 & 30th. If you're working on a project that will take some deliberating over fabric selections, make sure you select the two hour option so that you and I don't feel pressed and we can take our time finding the best palette for your project.

And that, my friends, is the news from here for today. I hope you are inspired to start something new or complete something that has been waiting for you to get back to it. We are all so fortunate to have this amazingly satisfying creative outlet... always more to explore and more to learn! Think about what you might like during my sale and book a visit time that works for your schedule.

I am wishing you and our wounded world some respite and some much needed joy in the coming weeks and throughout the year. May we each help by not contributing to the strife that we are witnessing, and by asking ourselves "What would love do?"


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