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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

First things first… It is time for my fall sale (since it is DEFINITELY fall here) so get your projects lined up and your calendars out.

Sale Dates: Monday, October 4 to Sunday, October 24

What’s on sale? Everything in the studio —

  • Silk and wool batting

  • Woven cottons, AGF solids, Essex linens, 100% linens, Dupioni silk, Printed cottons

  • Yardage and bundles

  • Kits

  • Threads and Notions

Shop safely… book your visit for you and up to 3 friends

The Art Gallery Fabrics colour card for their line of PURE Solids has arrived.

If you pre-ordered it, it is yours for $35.

Remaining copies of the colour card are priced at $55 including postage in Canada, or $50 in person pick-up.

Why do you care about these solids?

  • They are OEKO-TEX certified — NO harmful dyes or chemicals in the processing of these cotton solids

  • They are a very tight weave and do not fray like the other leading solids available to you

  • They have beautiful colours! Check the feature photo above… the solids are all AGF.

Here’s an example of the feedback I’m getting from my customers who are trying out these solids…

Hi Lorna,

I finished my lantern quilt with the Pure solids from AG, and absolutely loved it! I’m so glad that I finally found a great solid, loved them! Hi Lorna I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy sewing with Pure Solids (OEKO-Tex) fabric. It is very stable, does not fray, sews easily, does not stretch, etc. So happy you have decided to add this to your store. Excellent decision!

Two projects

done by Alex wandered into my studio this past month.

One of them was a beautifully bright log cabin that managed to not seem overwhelming to me. Alex loves colour and is able to use bright vivid colours in a way that is somehow not at all jarring for even timid colour folks like me!

The second photo she showed me was of a 3-D pattern that managed to be subtle… which I think is a real trick to accomplish.

The quilt photos are here and offered by Alex for your inspiration!

A week ago I received a lovely email from Sally McK

who lives in the mid-western USA. Here’s some of what she had to say…

Dear Lorna, You likely wonder if anyone ever finishes their projects, so thought I’d send a few photos. I ended up using a cotton batt and hand quilting. This quilt is heavy, like a weighted blanket. It will be great for snuggling on a cold winter day. I’m hooked on these large half square triangles, you can sew up a quilt top in no time.

Such a lovely place for her photo of the Upside Downside quilt. And she sent some detailed photos below showing the hand-quilting she did. I have such respect for people who can do hand quilting! Susan and I are working on a new version of this quilt and will have some more kits available soon-ish!

Photos of the 7 half-yard fabric bundles

Finally, I’d like to share some photos of the 7 half-yard fabric bundles that Susan, Maria and I have been putting together. They are designed to kick-start a new quilt project, offering lovely palettes for you to use as a base for your next quilt. The solids bundles are $55, and the ones containing linens and printed cottons are $70. And of course they are on sale for three weeks in October.

That, my friends, is all the news from here. I’m hoping you are all well and am sending my best wishes for a happy family Thanksgiving, with lots of turkey and lots of laughter!

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