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As I have moved into my retirement years I have come to understand more than ever before just how important connections are for my emotional well-being and my health. I am fortunate that my quilting community is a group of caring folks who share with me not only their knowledge of the art and craft, but also their life experiences. We celebrate with each other in good times and support each other through the challenging times. So this quilt is in acknowledgement of and appreciation for my caring community. Creating this quilt can be a celebration of your's.


The quilt finishes at 57" x 75". It is a great size for use as a throw on a couch or chair, or as an accent piece in a bedroom. The clean lines create a quilt that fits comfortably in a contemporary decor. The quilt size is also roughly the top of a queen size bed, so can be expanded outward with background sufficient for the drape you want and you will have a queen size quilt. 


The downloadable pattern includes step by step instructions for piecing the various sections of the quilt that are then joined together to create the finished top. The piecing is not complex and I would rate this at a beginner level. The instructions include lots of pictures making them clear and easy to follow. You will have fun making this quilt!

Connections Quilt Pattern Throw Size

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