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I designed this quilt pattern wanting to capture the calm of the desert landscape accented by an arrangement of quarter circles in colours that pop and gently draw the eye across the landscape of the quilt. The result is a quilt that many happy quilters have told me is the quilt they are most pleased with having made. This pattern presents a safe opportunity for a quilter to start moving from following patterns to designing your own quilts. Careful instructions guide the reader through the process of achieving a layout that is pleasing to your eye. For those who may wish to follow my layout precisely, a layout is provided. The quilt finishes at 54" x 78".

The design of course translates beautifully into the colour scheme of your choice. The pattern provides advice on fabric selection and the range of colours and values that will best achieve this calm effect punctuated with accents that add interest without being overwhelming. I've included a photo here of a quilt made in the colours of Provence by one of my customers... and it is also beautiful!

My patterns have all been tested by several quilters. In this case I also provide free downloads of information on how to cut and sew quarter circles. The pattern itself can now be downloaded and it contains templates for quarter circles along with scale indicators so that any distortion in printing can be corrected.

Desert Sun Quilt Pattern - Modern quilt pattern, Contemporary quilt pattern

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