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This quilt is an original design of mine and I'm happy to share the pattern so that you can make it too! Alternatively, if you love the quilt and have a quilt maker in your life who will make it for you, the pattern with complete instructions will allow them to do that.


For several years customers have been inquiring about whether a queen size version was available and it has taken me this long to finally create a beautiful queen size version of this quilt pattern. The layout of this queen size pattern is shown in the second photo. The finished quilt measures 94" x 107".


I've called this quilt Heading Home, as the motif of triangles in a line is known as "flying geese" in quilt-dom. I've written the pattern myself and it contains clear, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.


The design is a blend of classic and contemporary. It was inspired by the barn quilts found in the rural areas of the US and the arrangement of darks and lights creates a sense of movement towards the off-centre "home".


This pattern is available as a pdf, so you don't need to wait for shipping! If you would like a kit for this quilt please send me a message through my contact form.

Heading Home Queen Size Quilt Pattern

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