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This quilt was just because I love teal! The patterned fabric featured has such a depth of texture due to all the many tints and shades of teal in the ferns. Ferns are one of my favourite forest plants here where I live in the Pacific Northwest. They seem to thrive on our wet coast and they bring a beautiful depth and lushness to our forests. So, fabric inspired as I am, I created a quilt that would celebrate all the many shades and tints of teal. Using simple HST blocks with a variety of values I was able to achieve depth, movement and a sense of calm... all at the same time! I was very pleased.


If you'd like to choose your own palette with a range of values, this pattern will give you a place to showcase it. If you'd like a kit, there is another listing that includes all the fabrics that I used so that you can make your own just like this one. Either way, you'll end up with a stunning quilt, both simple and powerful at the same time.


The quilt finishes at 56" x 70". It is a great size for use as a throw on a couch or chair, or as an accent piece in a bedroom. The clean lines create a quilt that fits comfortably in a contemporary decor.


The downloadable pattern includes step by step instructions for piecing the HST blocks starting with pairs of squares wherever possible, thereby minimizing the times when you have to sew triangles together. The piecing is not complex and I would rate this at a beginner level. The instructions are very easy to follow.


This pattern is a great opportunity for you to explore how relative value creates depth and movement in a quilt. It also demonstrates how almost imperceptible value differences can be used to add depth without business in a design. This design will be beautiful in a wide variety of palettes, so you can decide what works best in your world!

Mostly Teal Quilt Pattern Throw Size

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