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At some point in my adult years I came to understand the truth of the statement "The obstacles in my path ARE my path." Periodically throughout my life I've been faced with obstacles and challenges that seemed to be diverting me from the path I wanted to follow. As I faced these challenges and found my way through the obstacles, they changed the me who I am... and became an integral part of my journey.

This lesson was on my mind when I created this quilt, and so the quilt serves as a constant reminder to me that obstacles and challenges are to be welcomed -- they bring with them personal growth opportunities and new perspectives for me. I'm sure that reading this you will be recalling your own challenges and how they have shaped who you have become. What a gift it is to arrive at that understanding!

This project is suitable for both beginners and more experienced quilters. It is based on half-square triangles but I've written the cutting and sewing instructions so that you are sewing pairs of squares together and cutting them on the diagonal. This minimizes the time spent working with bias edges.

So many quilters requested a queen size version of this quilt that I finally turned the layout I had created for them into a proper pattern. The quilt in this Queen version of the pattern finishes at 95" x 105". The layout is shown in the photos. If you would like a kit for this quilt, contact me with your request. I'm happy to put together custom kits.

Pathways Queen Size Grey-Blue Quilt Pattern

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