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This quilt will make you want to pull it up around yourself, get comfy, and settle in to read a good book, visit with a friend, or watch TV. It also is a very practical addition to a bedroom where you may want a bit of extra warmth on cold winter nights.


This pattern is an original design of mine, intended for textured fabrics such as Japanese woven cottons which have a homespun, natural look and feel. There is a feature fabric in the panels which adds variety and moves the eye around the quilt. The pattern is easy to follow and does not require complicated piecing.. so you can enjoy the process. You can choose to place the fabrics exactly as I describe, or to create your own layout with the beautiful range of textured cottons.


This quilt design is a particularly good "guy quilt" with the colours used and the uncluttered design. I was aiming to honour the simplicity and understatement of the Japanese aesthetic. The result is a quilt that is texturally satisfying, calm, and wonderful to wrap yourself up in!


The quilt finishes at 56" x 80".

Shizuka Quilt Pattern Throw Size

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