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This quilt is an original design of mine inspired by the fabulously contemporary Japanese print that is featured. I just had to make a quilt that would show off this beautiful print. It's light and airy, organic and contemporary... with just the perfect amount of understatement that is so common in Japanese designs. The print is complemented by a selection of printed and woven cottons and cotton-linens, so that the finished quilt has textural variety that makes it particularly appealing to wrap around you or someone you love. All fabrics are the highest quality quilting fabrics, so the quilt will be a lifetime quilt.

For my adult daughters, this quilt is a favourite. Its clean lines and soft colours with a splash of chartreuse create a quilt that conveys a modern aesthetic. It is perfect as a throw in a living room, good to cozy up under when watching TV or reading a book. It also works well as an accent piece in a bedroom.

Constructed in my pet-free and smoke-free home studio, the quilt is free of allergens. The Hobbs silk batting I used is excellent for its drape, light weight, excellent thermal properties, and resistance to dust mites. Shipping is free for Canada and the continental USA.

Upside/Downside Modern Quilt - Contemporary Quilt - Throw Quilt

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