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About 10 years ago I was given the gift of a large number of vintage silk kimonos and bolts of silk from a Japanese friend. That was the start of my journey of exploration into incorporating texture into my quilts. What I learned was that Japanese silk is an extremely robust fabric which washes well. It brings to textile projects a lustre and a unique feel that adds complexity and interest to any project. You will love to work with it.

Since then, with the help of Japanese friends, I have made arrangements with two purchasers in Japan who source vintage kimono silk made in the 1960's and 1970's, generally dead stock from older silk manufacturers that was never made into a kimono. These silks are in excellent condition, although occasionally there may be some minor discoloration due to the age of the bolts.

Most of the silk I use in my own projects and kits, however some bolts that I have acquired are more than I require for these projects and so I am offering these silks by the meter (40"). If you require multiple meters of the same silk, I will send a continuous piece. Their width is 13.5" to 14.25". My B&M business website has lots of information about working with kimono silk...

This particular bolt of red silk has an overall woven geometric pattern with lines, swirls and some tiny infill patterns... it is amazingly lovely. It is hard to believe that we are using rescued silk when you see this piece. It is light-weight and supple. The colours of the photo are true to the actual silk. This one is beautiful and in excellent condition.

Vintage Kimono Silk - Textured Red, Gold, Black Silk - Woven Kimono Silk

SKU: 39
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