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In creating this quilt I was inspired by the many shades of blue found in our ocean up here in the Pacific northwest. I also wanted something that would represent the many interlocking circles of connection that we have in our lives. Not wanting to be too somber and serious about all this, I've named it "Whirligigs"! 


After receiving a number of requests for larger versions of this quilt, I've taken to the design board and sorted out both a queen and a king size version of this pattern. They are all different layouts, but with the same general theme guiding the design. The layout for the king version is shown in the photos. The king finishes at 116" x 116", with an option for a 106" square version.


The orange peel blocks are made with inset orange peels, not appliqued, so that the finished quilt will be exceptionally sturdy. The curved piecing is easy to do and well described in my pattern. I've designed the templates so that the orange peel floats in the block so that corner matching does not become a matter of rigorous matching and difficult piecing. 


This pattern is now downloadable. Template files are downloadable for the orange peel block components.

Whirligigs King Size Quilt Pattern

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