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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hi there friends. Though this year will be a different holiday celebration, we have much to be grateful for and much to look forward to in the coming year… and for that, we are very fortunate. I wish you and your family a joyful holiday time, good health, and good adventures in the coming year.

I am happily working away on a new queen bed quilt, taking the much-loved log cabin and making it into my own design. It is very slow quilting for me, especially since I am used to using large pieces of fabric in my quilts. However, there is something very contemplative and soothing about it, and one day I will have a quilt to show you!

My Boxing Week Sale will soon be upon us!

Come by yourself or with up to 3 friends. Bring your masks, your new project ideas, your quilting stories, successes, and failures are all chances for all of us to share our knowledge and learn something new. You may not even miss the crowded staircase and the lineups that usually are part of my Boxing Week sale. COVID does bring some advantages.

Fabrics (a few exceptions), batting, thread, notions, patterns, and even kits are all 20% off.

The sale will run at least until the second or third week of January, and a bit longer if more booking space is needed. Book soon to get the day and time you want.

Here’s some big news! I have some bright fabrics, just arrived… and here’s the proof

This fabrics set includes new Hoffman prints, the new Robert Kaufman Warehouse District line, and some new Moda lines. They are bright, cheery, and lots of fun to mix with my tonal and cotton-linen blends. Now for some general news and either fun or beautiful photos

Maria, who many of you know from shopping here, was asked by a grandchild to make her a mask with a tongue sticking out.

So, after some thinking and sketching of alternatives, Maria came up with the mask you see here on the right.

I pass this on just in case any of you might have a grandchild of your own who would like such a specimen.

On the beautiful side of the ledger, a customer came in with some handwork she had been working on. She learned her technique in France, and she had worked her piece with silk. It was incredible. I tried to capture it with a few photos, and all I can say is that, though the image will give you some idea of the delicacy and beauty of her work, it doesn’t approach capturing just how lovely it was.

Isabelle has been creating this quilt top using fabrics she acquired in her travels in India. She used as her background fabric a Nani Iro linen by Kokka. This gives both depth and subtle variation that is perfect for this eclectic set.

She has taken her time on this project, putting up pieces, moving them around, and gradually coming to a layout that pleases her.

I believe it is good to take our time with a quilt, instead of racing for the finish line. We can, and should, enjoy the process and explore the possibilities just as Isabelle has here.

Great job, Isabelle!

And speaking of great jobs, Susan, who has been working here with me for many days, has just completed this Frankie shirt using the new Warehouse District cotton. The finishing details on this pattern are lovely and make it much more than just another shirt.

A version of Upside-Downside quilt pattern Anne H. created this version of my Upside-Downside quilt pattern, and I think it is a beauty.

One thing that always pleases me is seeing a pattern I’ve created being taken and interpreted by someone else. This is one of those cases.

Myra used some of the cotton-linens I have to make pillow-shams with sashiko stitching for their bed.

She used white thread on a natural cotton-linen, creating a very subtle design. They were both beautiful.

And speaking of linens…

I’ve received some new linens, most of them about 7 oz psy, and some at 5 oz. They are excellent for towels, home decor, hand stitching, pants, and jackets. The dyed ones are about $32 a meter and the yarn dyes are about $50. They are all about 60″ wide. Here are some photos:

So that is it for now… I hope you are enjoying some of these photos and feeling encouraged to start or get back to that project that you’ve been wondering what to do with. I always find that the creative work of others inspires me to try something new myself.

For all our sakes, may the coming year bring us all closer to a world in which we care for each other, are respectful of our differences, and act as responsible custodians of this beautiful world. I send you my love and best wishes.

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