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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Today I’m pleased to tell you about my new website, just launched in the past week… you’ll find it so much more friendly and very easy to navigate. Also, I’d like to show you my latest quilt kit, talk about a technique Susan and I used this week to revise a quilt design, and share a great video with inspiring ideas for quilt embroidery.

First, my new website.

I’d been trying to ignore my website and the fact that it was becoming increasingly less current. My excuse was that I was going to retire in June. And quilting is way more fun than website work. However, retirement plans were blown up with Covid, and more people were trying to find fabric online. So, I broke down and designed a new website. I like it and hope you do, too. It has:

  • current photos of what’s in the shop

  • links to my Etsy store

  • a blog that you can comment on

  • a page for booking your visit!

Let me know how you like it. Second, my newest kit. I call this quilt “Upside, Downside”, and it features a beautiful contemporary Japanese print along with some lovely textured kinds of cotton and cotton-linens. Third, a design technique you may find useful

My buddy Susan, who is such a help in my business, creat ed her first 3-D quilt top this past couple of weeks. When she had it completed, it was too small for the throw-size quilt that she wanted. So she brought it over here to discuss how she might enlarge it.

We wanted to find a way to get to a throw-size quilt top without having it look like she got to where she had and then just added borders. In other words, we wanted the complete design to look intentional.

I was reminded of a lesson I learned when taking a class from Jean Wells. She said that when she wanted to modify something she had sewed together but wasn’t completely happy with, she took a photo of it, printed copies, and cut up the photos to try different possibilities. if you have a quilt top that you are not satisfied with, consider this a possible technique for you to explore options for improvement.

Finally, a great video to inspire you to consider adding embroidery to your quilts.

This video came out from the Stitchin Post, and I think it shows some lovely work done with embroidery by Tonye Phillips, one of their teachers.

That’s it for now. I’m starting on my first ever real log cabin quilt because that is what I can do with my broken wrist!

Oh, I forgot to tell you I broke my wrist 4 weeks ago… falling over with my new e-bike, on its maiden voyage. Broken wrists are no fun for quilters, I’m here to tell you. But now, only two more weeks, and my cast will come off.

Signing off with my busted wrist…

Enjoy our beautiful fall weather. Happy quilting. Be grateful for two hands.

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