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Quilt photos to share, fall sale to prepare for!

posted October 8, 2023, 2:00 PM by Lorna Shapiro

While driving a customer and friend home from a guild meeting recently, I was told that it was time for me to have another sale. I've been having such a good time sorting out some new designs that I forgot I'm supposed to be selling fabric too! So I've looked at my calendar and set the dates: Saturday, October 28 to Sunday November 19 will be a fall sale. Everything will be 15% off. To shop online and access the sale discounts, use coupon code FALLSALE15.

But before I show you some photos of a few new fabrics that have arrived, I'd like to share some photos that various customers have sent me recently, showing what they have made with fabrics from the studio. I find that seeing work done by others almost always gives me inspiration to explore a new design idea. So I'm sharing them with you, in hopes that you also will enjoy seeing them.

The first photo is by Liz Y. and is not a finished quilt but an interesting example of how there is often a certain consistency in our taste in colours. Liz came over one day a few months ago to select a palette of Art Gallery solids for a new project. When she got them home, she took them out to look at them again (as we do...) and took a photo to share with a friend. She then observed that the palette in the painting on the wall behind her fabrics was remarkably similar to that of her fabric selection. It is a beautiful selection.


Now for some quilt photos...

Susan L. made this quilt recently, using batiks she had purchased at the studio. She observed that she found this quilt to be a very good example of the power of having some muddy colours included in a palette, so that the clearer colours can shine in comparison. I think this quilt is a great example of that.

Lydia made this beautifully subtle and endlessly interesting quilt using only Japanese wovens she got at the studio here. Each block had, I believe, 15 fabrics and she simply rotated through the fabrics in a set order, starting each block at a different place in the order of fabrics. The result is a sense of movement throughout the quilt, with no predictability in fabric placement. It is beautiful, and even more so in person.

Margaret D. made this version of my Shizuka quilt, and hand quilted it. She won the hand quilting award for the guild show in which she displayed her beautiful work.

Lydia also made this quilt (I'm not sure she sleeps!) using my Shizuka pattern and kimono silks that she purchased and then combined with her own collection of black and white prints. The result is stunning and has already been spoken for by her daughter!

Paule also came shopping for wovens at the studio and, amazingly quickly, produced this beautiful quilt. Check out the points...

And, finally, still with the woven theme and still with the amazing points theme... this quilt by Shirley...

One thing I encourage you to notice in all the quilts shown here is the importance of value, the relative lightness or darkness of the fabrics used, in creating an effective design. Low contrast, but still a range of values, such as with Lydia's quilt, creates a quiet sense of movement. High contrast such as with Shirley's quilt, produces strong focal points throughout the quilt. Design is endlessly fascinating!


I have some new fabrics that have arrived over the past couple of months and I'm including some photos here to give you an idea of what's new in the studio.


If you'd like to book a visit during the sale, you can use this link to my booking page to find a time that works for you. If you're working on a project that will take some deliberating over fabric selections, make sure you select the two hour option so that you and I don't feel pressed and we can take our time finding the best palette for your project.

I want to remind those of you who are fans of silk batting, as I am, that I am stocked with what appears to be the last of the silk batting available from any of my distributors. I have it in rolls that you can buy by the meter and still have a few pre-cuts in various sizes. It too will be on sale during the fall sale period.

You can also shop online and take advantage of the sale by using the FALLSALE15 coupon code when you make your purchase any time between October 28 and November 19.


Online Patterns

Another customer, Joan, recently made this spectacular queen size version of my Heading Home pattern for a newly married nephew. The young couple were thrilled with her work, unsurprisingly, and Joan's photo of the quilt in its new home just makes me happy!

This pattern is one that I developed after having many customers ask for advice on turning the Heading Home throw quilt into a bed quilt. The design had to be expanded to work nicely on a queen bed, and this photo shows it off beautifully.


And that, my friends, is the news from here for today. I hope you are inspired to start something new or complete something that has been waiting for you to get back to it. We are all so fortunate to have this amazingly satisfying creative outlet... always more to explore and more to learn! Think about what you might like during my sale and book a visit time that works for your schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


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