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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hi friends… hope this finds you well.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve finally been able to complete the last 8 kits that will ever be available for my Upside-Downside quilt shown here. The feature fabric from Japan is no longer available. I was waiting on much-delayed Essex linens that were used in the quilt to finally be shipped to me. They arrived last week, and Susan put the kits together yesterday. The cost is $149, so please let me know soon if you are wanting one. Rescuing quilt disasters One of the benefits of having my business is I learn good things in discussions with my customers. On two recent occasions, the topic of stained quilts has arisen, with solutions that have been found to work.

One tip was for removing blood stains (see the recipe here), and another one was for removing fabric dye runs into lighter parts of a quilt. The Dylon SOS colour run product shown here removed dye runs from a dress that had been left for years after being spoiled by bright dye bleeding into whites on the dress. I brought in the product (it’s from New Zealand), and it sells for $9.95 if you want to keep some around.

Bloodstain removal:

  • 1 part blue dawn

  • 1 part peroxide

  • Mix both ingredients into a paste by adding baking soda.

  • Apply the paste to the stain.

  • Leave one hour, then wash.

This tip is from Becky, who rescued a quilt that had been stained after a rat died on it (Yuck!). Thanks, Becky!

Design tip

Anne H. was over a while back and brought me a couple of quilts to see that are part of her Improving on the Checkerboard series. She started this series in a workshop from an instructor whose operational design mantra was “Big spaces, small spaces, in-between spaces.” I find this a useful prompt to get me thinking about introducing differences in scale in my quilt designs and places for the eye to rest (in-between spaces). Thanks, Anne! Here are a couple of photos of Anne’s checkerboard quilts.

Gypsy Gripper coming unstuck?

I’ve been meaning to speak of this for some time and have just remembered now! From time to time, I have customers who comment when they see me using my gypsy gripper, as I always do, that their’s doesn’t stick anymore, and they are frustrated by it. This happens when the dust has worked its way in between the suction cup and the ruler. Luckily, it has an easy fix. Wipe with a wet cloth on both the suction cups and the ruler, then dry and reapply your gripper. It will now stick. It’s nice to find such an easy way to make a customer happy! So, if you have frustrations with your gypsy gripper, give it a wipe, and everything will get better.

March is my Spring Cleaning Sale! Time to clear out the numerous bolts of fabric I have with a small number of M’s of fabric remaining!

For March, you will get 30% off any fabric for which you finish the bolt. So come early, bring a friend or two, and find some bolts to finish off. You’ll have lots of choices and a great price.

It’s good to keep in mind that this is the equivalent of 40% off prices where the pricing is by the yard!

Some quilt inspiration photos

Susan L. made a couple of scrappy quilts where she really demonstrated how paying attention to value can make a quilt sparkle. Here they are.

The star quilt is the original scrappy quilt. The HST quilt is the leftovers!

Karen has a favourite vest, and she reverse-engineered it to make a Christmas present for her son’s girlfriend. She used Japanese and Moda cotton-linens to craft a colour-blocked version of her favourite vest. It’s a beauty. The lining is woven cotton.

Helga had a favourite fabric; I think it was from Australia. She designed this simple but effective quilt that did a great job of showing it off.

Maureen took my Whirligigs pattern and modified it for their queen-size bed. I love it when people take a pattern and make it their own!

I met Pilar when she was starting a double wedding ring quilt for her upcoming wedding.

I saw her next when she was making her first baby a quilt.

This quilt is one she just finished for their second child!

Anne H. also brought me a quilt that resulted from her deciding to play with free-form curves. She added to the interest with some basic hand stitching which gives both visual and textural interest.

That’s it for me on this sunny Wednesday. I’m so glad it’s not freezing cold anymore! I hope you enjoyed this update and look forward to seeing you whenever the urge to visit strikes you. Be well.

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