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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I asked and you responded! Over 100 of you sent in some pretty wonderful and creative suggestions for the name of this quilt.

And the winner is "Connection", submitted by both Jacquie Lineham and Debra Davis. So both of these naming queens will receive $50 gift certificates to shop on my website.

I really appreciated Debra's explanation for her suggestion. "There seems a trend in our world to focus on differentness which is cause for division, isolation, aloneness. I believe a healthy world needs to focus on CONNECTION. I'm thrilled to see this idea presented in this quilt pattern. To share this idea in this way may seem a small action. But small actions count big!"

There were many other great suggestions and I want to thank all of you who participated with such enthusiasm and creativity. There is another quilt that I'm having trouble naming and that will be next week's contest, so stay tuned.

Here's a view of the complete quilt now that I've bound it. Nick Turcan from Mystery Stitch Designs quilted it for me.

And still, the Clearance Sale Continues...

It is going to take some time for me to clear out the fabric I'm downsizing... I'm a small business and only a few customers come by each week. You can still join the happy women who have left my studio with bags of fabric deals. A room full of quality quilting fabrics at $7/M to $10/M is hard to beat. Think backings, think start of your new project, new table napkins... I'm adding new fabrics weekly, and there is lots of selection.

Here are the clearance prices:

  • Quilting cottons -- $10/M,

  • Batiks -- $7/M,

  • Kimono silks -- $6/M,

  • Woven cottons -- $10/M,

  • Half-M Dupioni silks -- $5.50,

  • Cotton-linens -- $10/M.

  • Linens -- $15/M,

  • 3M pre-cut pieces -- 40% off the lowest marked price,

  • Notions -- 50% off.

Minimum cut of sale fabrics is 1M.

Book a visit for you and up to 3 friends and come shop this big clearance sale!

That, my friends, is it for today. I’m hoping you are all well and I am sending my best wishes. For those at a distance, text, email or call me if you want to shop from the clearance section. I'm happy to pick out fabrics for you.


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